The company Flixbus has just arrived in Brazil and is offering tickets for less than 1 real! Find out how to get yours

Flixbus, a European company known for its cheap bus tickets, arrived in Brazil and offered a nationwide discount of 99% to celebrate.

With ONDAVERDE9 coupons, you can find seats from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte for just 20 cents!

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The promotion launched today and is valid until November 24th or when 9,999 coupons are used. The trip must take place within a year: between 12/01/2021 and 12/01/2022, and there are vacation options, including passage for Christmas and New Year!

Coupons can be used on up to three purchases. To guarantee the discount, just use ONDAVERDE9 at the end of the reservation.


flixbus in brazil

Flixbus I arrive in Brazil with tickets for less than 1 real. Photo: Disclosure

Flixbus intends to compete directly with Buser, both with the same business model. In this case, they do not own buses, nor do they hire drivers, and travel in cooperation with regional bus companies.

Outside the promotional period, tickets start at R$ 19.99, with operations scheduled to start on December 1st.

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