Colonized by Azorean immigrants, Florianópolis still preserves its history with its small villages and cultural and religious events originating from Portuguese culture. See what to do in the capital of Santa Catarina

The capital of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, is affectionately called the “Island of Magic” and after getting to know the city, you understand why. The municipality is one of the three capital islands of Brazil and has an excellent infrastructure of a big city, integrating itself with the exuberant nature that surrounds the region. There are 436.5 km² that house more than 100 paradisiacal beaches, lagoons, dunes, trails in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, historic mansions and archaeological sites.

The coast has clear waters and the landscape changes in different regions of the island. The beaches are always surrounded by hills, dunes and large spaces of concentrated Atlantic forest. The city receives tourists from all over the world and is always very busy, especially during peak seasons such as Carnival and New Year's Eve (when the number of people on the island usually quadruples).

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Florianopolis can be divided into 4 regions, in the east are the famous beaches Mole and Joaquina, surfing and luais are the hallmarks of the place. To the north of the island, Jurerê attracts younger people to enjoy the nightlife. The south side of the island is for the quieter ones looking for more deserted and rustic beaches like Lagoinha do Leste. The center is the historic, political, commercial and cultural landmark of the city.

It's impossible to walk around the island and not be inspired. The charms of Ilha da Magia are many, the capital Florianopolis encourages the practice of various activities in and out of the water, such as sandboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, trekking or simply a peaceful walk along the charming coasts of Santa Catarina.

In the capital, development has also arrived in force, skyscrapers and a good variety of hotels and restaurants make up the region, offering activities for all tastes. Known as Meiembipe by the Carijós Indians, Florianopolis has numerous rock inscriptions whose oldest records date back to 4800 BC

Things to do in Florianopolis

Things to do in Florianopolis

Florianópolis tourism tips. Photo: Daniel Wiedemann / Shutterstock

Florianopolis beaches

The abundant nature of this region of Brazil was extremely generous, in Florianópolis it is possible to find beaches with strong waves, calm waters, extensive beaches, small beaches and natural pools that please visitors. Praia da Joaquina is on the list of the most popular and famous on the island. The strong waves of this area of the coast attract many surfers looking for a region with strong winds. Another attraction are the dunes that accompany the beach.

Another postcard of the state, Praia Mole is a place of hype, athletic bodies and many young people walking around on the soft sands of the beach. Surfing championships are also frequent, even in low seasons. The beach is on average 900 meters long, surrounded by undergrowth. Open to the Atlantic Ocean, the beach has a tumble with strong, long waves and icy waters.

The most populous and busiest resorts are Canasvieiras and Ingleses, which are very popular with Mercosur tourists and families looking for a little warmer and calmer waters; on this side of the island you will find everything, great hotels, restaurant options and beaches like Jurerê Tradicional and Daniela, frequented mainly by families with small children, precisely because of the calmer sea.

If the intention is to enjoy beautiful beaches with few people, more rustic, Armação beach is quieter and reserved for those who escape the crowds. Adventurers will fall in love with Lagoinha do Leste, which has an extensive and beautiful trail with views that make up for all the effort to reach the place.

Conceição Lagoon

Lagoa da Conceição has a small center that is very busy, especially at night. Surrounded by great bars and restaurants, the immense lagoon can be considered the heart of the “Island of Magic”. During the day, families and friends gather at the edge of the lagoon to have picnics and practice some sports such as stand-up paddle.

Fortress of Sao Jose da Ponta Grossa

The São José da Ponta Grossa Fortress is a mandatory stop if you are visiting Jurerê Internacional. The building connected by ramps with thick walls was completed in 1740 and is listed by the National Historic and Artistic Heritage.

Azorean villages

Some neighborhoods in Florianópolis are embellished with Azorean-style architecture that dominate the landscape in some neighborhoods in Florianópolis. Among them are the Center and the neighborhoods of Santo Antônio de Lisboa and Ribeirão da Ilha, with many preserved houses.

Municipal Public Market

The Florianópolis Public Market was built in 1899, replacing the old market that existed in Largo da Matriz. The space has 140 stalls that sell various products, including handicrafts, utensils and typical foods from the region.

Hercílio Luz Bridge

The Hercílio Luz Bridge has been inactive for over 20 years, but it is the most important postcard in the city. Used to connect the island to the mainland, it was inaugurated in 1926 and is 819 meters long with two towers measuring 75 meters high.

Fortress of Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim

The largest fort on the island was built between 1739 and 1744 on the island of Anhatomirim. The fort is considered the most important of the three, which formed the old defense triangle to the north of the city.

Fortress of Santo Antônio de Ratones

Designed by José da Silva Paes to defend the northern entrance to the island of Santa Catarina, construction began in 1740 and was completed in 1744 on the island of Raton Grande, named by the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca because the island resembles the shape of a mouse.

Customs House

Casa da Alfândega houses the Artesanato Gallery project, housing approximately 120 artisans from various regions of the state who sell different pieces on site. Great stop to buy that souvenir of the Island.

fort sant'ana

Dating back to 1765, Fort Sant'ana houses the Military Police Weapons Museum. The fort is easily accessible and well known in the region, located under the Hercílio Luz Bridge.

Campeche Island

Calm waters in an immense sea that usually oscillates between green and turquoise. Campeche Island is an ideal attraction for families with young children, couples and divers passionate about a rich and preserved marine life. The tours usually depart from three points, departing from Barra da Lagoa, Praia do Campeche and Praia da Armação.

After navigating 1.5 km, you arrive at the small island. With only one beach of fine sand, the almost desert scenery surrounded by a still native Atlantic Forest is impressive.

Hercílio Luz Square

Attractive to locals and tourists, Praça Hercílio Luz was recently revitalized and has a viewpoint that bears the same name. Very close to Parque da Luz on the seafront of Florianópolis, the point has been receiving more and more visitors looking for a pleasant environment to enjoy the afternoons of the capital of Santa Catarina in the open air.

Other tourist attractions in Florianopolis

  • Metropolitan Cathedral of Florianopolis
  • Historic center
  • Av. sea shore
  • XV de Novembro Square
  • Morro da Cruz
  • Church of Our Lady of Needs
  • Victor Meirelles Museum
  • Santa Catarina Historical Museum
  • Viewpoint Viewpoint
  • Tamar Florianopolis Project
  • Cruz e Sousa Palace
  • Morro da Cruz
  • Costão do Santinho Archeology Museum
  • Arvoredo Island
  • Alvaro de Carvalho Theater
  • Our Lady of Lapa Parish

How to get to Florianopolis

Florianópolis tourism tips. Photo: Raccoon / Shutterstock

By airplane

The main airport in the state, Hercílio Luz, receives international and national flights departing from the main capitals of the country.

By car

Access via BR-101 from Curitiba (approximately 303 km)
From Porto Alegre: 457 km with access via the same highway.

By bus

The city receives daily buses from several Brazilian capitals. For updated information on which companies operate to Florianópolis, it is worth calling the bus station in the capital of Santa Catarina.
Florianopolis Bus Station
Tel: (48) 3212-3100

Best time to visit Florianopolis

Photo: Paulo Vilela / iStockphoto

The capital of Santa Catarina is home to an infinity of wonderful beaches for all tastes, so tourism in the city is practically aimed at enjoying the natural beauties of the region. It is in summer (December to February) that the waters that bathe the island are at their best temperature, but it is also the time that Florianópolis reaches its peak of visits generating traffic and some crowded attractions.

In the months of March and April, the weather is still pleasant for good dives and the island is emptier, a great opportunity to get to know the capital away from the hustle. Winter is usually very hard bringing low temperatures. The months of September, October and November are more unpredictable attracting cloudy and rainy weather.

Where to stay in Florianopolis


Florianópolis tourism tips. Photo: Disclosure

Unlike other Brazilian capitals, the attractions of Florianópolis are not based only on its attractions located in the city center. Florianópolis is very popular for its beaches and offers great accommodation options throughout the island.

to the north, the Costão do Santinho it's the Hotel Slaviero Essential Ingleses Convention It has a great structure and location close to the main beaches of this region, such as Ingleses and Jurerê Internacional.

If you are looking to enjoy the busy nightlife of Ilha da Magia, the neighborhoods of Barra da Lagoa and Lagoa da Conceição are the most popular for young people, surfers and groups of friends. Some alternatives are Pousada Casa da Lagoa and shipwright. If you're looking to save on daily rates, Lagoa Nomad Hostel it's the Sunhouse Hostel They have shared rooms and great location.

The center is a good choice for those who want to explore the 4 corners of the island during their trip. In the neighborhood, the Majestic Palace Hotel it's the Florianopolis Palace Hotel are the best rated by tourists.

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