Did you know that the state of Paraná is one of the largest flower producers in Brazil? So it is. Surprisingly, the activity attracts tourists from all over Brazil to see the colorful flower fields of the state and the urban parks of the largest cities in Paraná.

The cities of Cascavel, Marialva, Peabiru, Maripá, Campo Mourão and Uniflor are considered the main growing regions and are certainly worth a visit during the spring.

Botanical Garden - Paraná

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The state capital Curitiba is surrounded by more than 30 parks that can be visited throughout the year and are even more charming during the spring. In addition, the Botanical Garden of Curitiba was one of the main postcards of the destination and houses numerous gardens, in addition to a greenhouse that houses several species that are national references.

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The city of Londrina is the perfect stage for those who want to contemplate fields of sunflowers. Thus, whoever passes through Robert Koch Avenue, can check out the gigantic garden with the flowers that accompany the cycle of the sun. As a result, the garden is one of the most popular places for brides looking for enchanting settings to make wedding books.


With four different colors (yellow, lilac, white and pink), the Ipê flower color the streets of Curitiba and Marina during the spring. Trees can be seen in different regions of cities, such as parks, squares and famous streets.


Known as “the city of orchids”, Maripá concentrates several species in its public spaces.


Finally, about 410 kilometers from Curitiba, the city of Marialva attracts visitors from all over the world with its fields of flowers. Rose plantations easily attract attention for their diversity and colors. In addition, the city offers itineraries to visit greenhouses on several properties to learn about the entire process of growing the species and their curiosities.

flower fields

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Cultivation of flowers in Paraná

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flower fields

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