Don't know where to travel with your love? Include in your itinerary getting to know one of the beautiful flowering fields in Brazil as an option for a trip for two

There are beautiful flowering fields spread across Brazil which, in addition to making the landscape more beautiful, are excellent as travel destination for two.

That's right. If you are looking for a tour option to do with your love, how about getting to know the flowering fields of Brazil?

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There are many flower fields all over the country, but some are so beautiful that they have become a tourist attraction, with a complete structure to receive visitors.

And, as the flower is a symbol of romanticism, the flowering fields are a great place to meet your love. 

Like the idea?

So, to help you, we prepared this special post with six flowery fields to travel with your love for Brazil

From lavender to the most varied types of flowers, get ready to surprise your love with a tour unlike any you've ever done together.

Discover the flowering fields in Brazil for a romantic walk

When choosing where to travel with your love for Brazil, consider visiting one of the beautiful flowery fields spread across our country. 

Great option for a travel destination for two, they will provide an incredible experience to be marked in your history. 

Cunha's Laundry 

flowering fields in Brazil

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On the way to charming paraty, The Cunha's Laundry It's a great option for a tour to do with your love. 

In addition to being beautiful, lavender fields carry a romantic atmosphere, with aromas and flavors that will enchant you. The mild climate of Cunha contributes to making this moment even more special.

The main attraction, of course, are the lavender plantations, which form incredible backdrops for photos and make for a great tour. 

The sunset is a spectacle on its own. This is because, as they are in a high place, the lavender fields are even more beautiful in the evening light. For a better view, try visiting the Contemplário, a deck in the middle of the Lavandário.

But not only that. The place has a snack bar that serves various products made with lavender, from ice cream to cookies, cakes and other foods made with the plant.

In addition, there is a small shop that offers oils, creams and soaps flavored with lavender and other plants. 

You can also have relaxing massages with lavender oil.

Sunflower fields in Holambra 

flowering fields in Brazil

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If the two of you love taking pictures together, try taking some fantastic shots in the sunflower fields in Holambra. The records will be amazing, you can be sure.

The city in the interior of São Paulo, known for its beautiful flower plantations, surprises couples in love with beautiful sunflower fields during the winter.

It is worth traveling with your love to discover these more than romantic scenarios and enjoy the best of Holambra.

The best time to visit the sunflower fields is between June and August. 

In the other months of the year, Holambra surprises with the various species of flowers that it grows and distributes throughout the country.

Amantikir Garden 

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More than a flowery field, the Amantikir Garden Park, in Campos do Jordão, is a complex with replicas of gardens from around the world.

Opened in 2007, the Amantikir Garden It has more than 700 species of plants in 28 themed gardens, with influences from different peoples.

It is a perfect place for a walk for two. In its 60 thousand square meters, the Amantikir Garden offers incredible scenery and a lot of tranquility.

Therefore, you and your love can enjoy a very special day that, of course, deserves several records in each of the special gardens of the place.

They will definitely want to come back again and again.

Curitiba Botanical Garden

flowering fields in Brazil

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The Botanical Garden of Curitiba It is one of the most visited places in the capital of Paraná. And no less. 

Postcard of the city, it is famous for its glass greenhouse inspired by the Crystal Palace in London and for its stunning gardens.

It's the perfect stage for a romantic walk.

With 245 thousand square meters, the park offers its beautiful flower gardens, great spots for picnics and several perfect scenarios for a record for two.

The park also has a snack bar that serves delicious delicacies. To visit it is not necessary to pay any fee.

Sunflower Fields in the Triângulo Mineiro

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Between July and August, the Mining Triangle is covered in yellow with the immense fields of flowering sunflowers. 

The landscape is beautiful and attracts many tourists looking for different places to visit. In addition, the sunflower fields are a great option for a travel destination for two.

This is because, in addition to forming an incredible landscape to enjoy, they are a great setting for good romantic clicks. 

The sunflower fields of the Triângulo Mineiro can be found in the cities of Uberlândia, Uberaba, Araguari, Frutal and Ituiutaba. 

Bloemen Park Holambra

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The largest flower producer in the country, Holambra could not be left out of our tips on flowering fields to travel with your love for Brazil.

As we have already mentioned, in winter it is possible to find the beautiful sunflower fields in the city. But throughout the year, Holambra boasts beautiful gardens and many plantations of the most varied flowers that you can find.

The scenarios formed by them, as it could not be different, are excellent options to contemplate as a couple. And make multiple records, of course.

A great example of a place to meet with your love is Bloemen Park Holambra. In it there are fields covered with flowers, as well as greenhouses.

The place also has a beautiful lake and a complete tourist structure to guarantee a very special day for two.

What are you waiting for to invite your love for a romantic walk in these beautiful flowery fields spread across Brazil?

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