Love flowers? We have selected flowery places to delight you during your spring trip in Brazil

Oh, spring! The most romantic season of the year has the power to present travelers with colorful scenarios filled with the most varied species of flowers. In fact, some cities in Brazil manage to exalt this beauty even more, delivering streets, balconies, gardens, parks, museums and spaces full of tones and perfumes. And it is not for less, since the country is currently responsible for the production of more than 300 species.

Discover some amazing places in Brazil that provide a true visual spectacle.

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Cunha - SP


Cunha is one of the flowery places to enjoy during the spring in Brazil. Photo: Rosanetur/ Flickr

The city of Cunha, which is on the border between the state of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, offers visitors the opportunity to contemplate a beautiful field of lavender. This is the Lavandário, a space that houses about 40,000 plants planted with flowers in shades of lilac that form a passionate setting between the mountains. In this way, try to visit the place during sunset, when the color of the flowers is even more intense.

Holambra – SP


Holambra is a symbol in Brazil when it comes to flowers. Photo: Pixabay

Located in the interior of São Paulo, the charming Dutch-influenced city has colorful houses and a charming windmill. Holambra is, without a doubt, one of the best places in Brazil to enjoy spring, as it is responsible for 45% of the country's flower production, offering the possibility to visit several fields and greenhouses full of sunflowers, tulips, roses, chrysanthemums, among other species. In addition, the city also hosts Expo Flora, the largest flower festival in Latin America, which takes place during the month of September.

Brumadinho – MG


Brumadinho is a great destination for your spring trip. Photo: Disclosure

A perfect destination to enjoy spring is Brumadinho, in Minas Gerais. The city is home to the incredible Instituto Inhotim, where all the works are integrated with nature and with the beautiful gardens designed by landscape architect Burle Marx. Spring is the time when the place is full of bouganvillas, that is, they bloom in shades of purple, red and yellow. A perfect setting to spend good hours of contemplation.

Lawn - RS


Gramado is the perfect destination to travel in spring. Photo: Renato Soares/ MTur

With the arrival of spring, Gramado becomes even more beautiful. Therefore, it is during this period that several flowers, especially hydrangeas, gain more life and color, and can be admired in several parks and places around the city. So, all these flowers combine very well with the romantic atmosphere, which has a lot of nature, Germanic buildings and a gastronomy influenced by Italian and German colonization.

Curitiba - PR



Curitiba draws attention for its flowers. Photo: Leonardo Shinagawa/ Flickr

Curitiba is certainly a wonderful destination to enjoy spring in Brazil. Therefore, the capital of Paraná gives visitors a real show in its squares and parks with the flowering of ipês of various colors. In addition, spring is the period in which the Jardim Botânico de Curitiba gains a carpet of flowers from the entrance to its iconic greenhouse, a scenario that yields beautiful photographic clicks. There are begonias, sunpatiens, tagetes, sages and amethysts that can be admired.

Campos do Jordão – SP

Campos do Jordão is a good option for a trip in spring. Photo: Alexandre Valerio Mussio/ Wikimedia Commons

The charming city at the top of Serra da Mantiqueira, in São Paulo, gains an extra charm during spring. In addition to the flowers scattered around the city, a tip is to visit the Amantikir Garden, also known as “talking gardens”, a space with 60 thousand square meters that house 22 gardens of different formats with more than 800 plants.

Gravatá - PE

The city of Gravatá is a major producer of flowers. Photo: Gravatá City Hall / Publicity

Among the best flowery places to enjoy spring in Brazil is Gravatá, 80 kilometers from the capital Recife. In addition to ipês that decorate the streets and are very flowery at this time of year, the city is a major producer of flowers, responsible for 80% of the income of local farmers. In addition, there are several greenhouses and plantations open for visitors, one of the main ones being the Orquis (Pernambuco Orchid Center), which has more than 800 types of the species.

Blumenau - SC

Blumenau is full of flowers, perfect for a spring trip. Photo: Disclosure

Blumenau even has flowers in its name, as “blumen”, in German, means “flowers”. It is not by chance that the city offers visitors a true show of flowers and colors during spring. In the same season, the city's main event, the traditional Germanic Oktoberfest celebration, still takes place. Take the opportunity to also visit Joinville, which holds the Flower Festival every year, the oldest in southern Brazil.

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