Discover some of the highlights of this super route that connects the best attractions of the two states!

The tourism sector is betting more and more on projects that promote the integration of different sectors. So why not think of an integrated tourist route? This simple thought provoked an intense research, mainly with the agencies that work destinations in the Northeast of the country.

In a pandemic season, anything goes to attract tourists back. One of these initiatives will try something unprecedented: unite a tourist itinerary in Fortaleza with a tourist itinerary in São Luís.

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To this end, the tourism departments of both cities launched in July 2021 a new integrated route connecting the two destinations. The project was supported by operators and trading companies in the region and was based on a ten-day overland trip to a number of other well-known destinations.

So much Strength how much São Luís can be the point of departure or arrival. Along the way, the tourist passes by other points such as paracuru, Jericoacoara, Tutóia, and crosses the Route of Emotions, in the territory of Maranhão.

Strength. Photo: ME/Portal da Copa

The new Fortaleza x São Luís line brought a cooperation plan between the capitals of the Northeast that seeks to consolidate the region as a unique destination and offer travelers rich options and opportunities.

Defender of this policy and idealist of the integrated route Ceará x maranhão, the Minister of Tourism of Fortaleza, Alexandre Pereira, defended more initiatives such as the integrated route. His role became the policy of the secretariat under his leadership and led to the establishment of direct links with other cities. In addition to the operation with the São Luís organization, a route connecting Fortaleza to Natal is being organized and will soon be implemented. The secretary took the European counterparts as a basis to define these partnerships.

More routes can be created this year – not just with the participation of Fortaleza. As the secretary expected, during Abav Expo, in the capital of Ceará, there was a meeting between the secretariats of the Northeast to discuss the topic.

Fortaleza's secretary, from the private sector, declared that he has worked hard to rethink the city's public tourism policy. In addition to taking into account examples that worked in other parts of the world and in Brazil, the actions he led also took into account a basic premise: making cities happy for the people who live in them will promote good development. This is the impression he wants to leave both on the people who live there and on those who pass by.

One of the mechanisms to achieve the objective is to allow residents to become agents of promotion, showing that the city gives them reasons to be proud of their city. “We organize many events for this city, and one of the most effective cases was held on one of our beaches. We started to promote piano performances during sunset every Sunday, and this event became the focus of residents”, quoted Pereira. “These are simple actions, but they save that feeling of pride”, he concluded.

Discover below some of the highlights that made each point of the route a highlight in this new initiative

script ceara maranhao

Paracuru Dunes. Photo: Disclosure

São Luis

The capital of Maranhão has gastronomic highlights and natural attractions typical of an island. The modern side includes bars, cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls and luxury hotels. The natural brings the perfect union of sun and sea in paradisiacal landscapes.


A town 324 kilometers away from São Luís, it is right in front of the Parnaíba River delta and next to the Pequenos Lençóis Maranhenses. It has a large amount of natural resources spread across its territory and attracts visitors.


Municipality in the state of Ceará that has international fame thanks to its dunes and coconut trees that lead to crystalline water lagoons. It has several options for ecotourism and adventure activities.


84 kilometers from Fortaleza, it is marked by the peaceful landscape of Lençóis Paracuruenses, formed by kilometers of dunes in constant motion. It is the only city in the interior of Ceará bathed by the sea, with a rich and varied ecosystem on the Costa do Sol Poente.


The Land of the Sun, with historical and cultural attractions, as well as sports tourism. It has new highlights of tourist infrastructure, such as the new Beira Mar and the Varjota Gastronomic Pole.

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