A colorful mountain, a viewpoint of condors, an ancient Inca bridge and wonderful canyons are part of the new tourist routes announced in Cusco, Peru 

THE Peru it is a place that holds many beauties and, luckily, some of them are little explored even by those who live in the country. With the aim of promoting these little-known attractions, PromPeru, the commission responsible for promoting Peruvian tourism, launched the #CuscoLovers campaign, which presents four new tourist routes to discover near cusco.

The idea is to present new places to tourists and residents of the country who want to go beyond the traditional circuits and expand their experiences even more. To promote the destinations, four videos were produced with the participation of digital influencers that present the attractions and beauty of each new circuit. For more information, just visit the campaign website. clicking here.

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Condors viewpoint

Photo: Playback/Youtube

Watching the majestic flight of the Andean condor is one of nature's most beautiful gifts and something unique to witness. On the new 3.5-kilometer route to the “condor viewpoint” there are archaeological monuments, fruit trees and snowy fields, as well as, of course, being able to see the flight of beautiful animals up close. The best time to observe them is between 1 pm and 4 pm. This new route is approximately 98 kilometers north of Cusco.

Q'eswachaka Inca Bridge

Photo: Playback/Youtube

Built with plant fiber, the sumptuous bridge reveals the talent, Inca wisdom and skill of Andean engineering. The bridge extends over the mighty Apurimac River, overlooking a unique scenery of the region. This new route is approximately 180 km from Cusco, an ideal tour to do in one day.

Suykutambo Canyons

Photo: Playback/Youtube

Among the places where the photos are not found on Google or social networks are the Suykutambo Canyons, which brings together history and nature at the same time. There, archaeological monuments mingle amidst an impressive landscape. This new route is 241 km from Cusco.

Palccoyo Cordillera rainbow

Photo: Playback/Youtube

The Seven Colors Mountain, or Vinicunca, is one of the most popular attractions for those visiting the Cusco region. But few know that the colorful and famous mountain has a “twin sister”. Known as the “Rainbow Mountain Range”, Palccoyo is much less famous, but more accessible. It is located in an area of more than 9 thousand hectares and has a unique atmosphere in the world. This is also among the new tourist routes launched in Cusco and is located 124 km southeast of the city.

Are you excited to discover these new attractions in Peru? The good news is that the #CuscoLovers campaign is promoting a cultural contest worth a complete trip to these four fantastic and unknown places with a companion. To participate Click here.

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