The health pass is essential for admission to museums, shops, restaurants and bars, tourist attractions, trains and other indoor environments throughout France

is planning travel to France and looking for information on how Brazilians are entering the European country? The first thing you need to know is that due to covid-19 it is necessary to get a sanitary pass to go around there. But don't worry, here we will give you the step by step to get it.

THE France allows fully vaccinated Brazilians to enter its territory upon presentation of the vaccination certificate issued by the ConnectSUS in English. However, to enter indoor environments, such as museums, shops, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions and public transport, citizens – tourists or not – need to present a sanitary pass (pass sanitaire, in French).

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Below, we will detail everything you need to know about the French health pass: how to obtain it, who is eligible to purchase it and where to use it when traveling around France.

What is the French health pass?

The health pass (or pass sanitaire, in French) is a digital or paper proof of health, which attests to the complete vaccination of the citizen against Covid-19. It is also used to prove a negative PCR test performed less than 72 hours ago, or an antigen test performed less than 48 hours ago, or a positive PCR test or antigen test that attests to the recovery from Covid-19 dating from at least 11 days and less. of 6 months.

This document is mandatory in France for people over 12 years and 2 months of age, citizens or tourists, and is required for entry to bars, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants, as well as museums, cinemas and public transport.

On the health pass, important information about the citizen is placed, such as full name, date of birth, date of vaccination, vaccine used, if possible the batch number, the number of doses injected and the country of vaccination. In the case of the digital version, there is also a QR Code used to release entry to the locations.

And, in addition to its validity within French territory, the health pass is also recognized by all European Union countries and by countries that have established a mutual recognition agreement with the European Union. Therefore, it is important both for those traveling to France and for those who want to discover other places in Europe from this country.

How to get the tourist health pass

entry into France for Brazilians

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To obtain the health pass, Brazilian travelers must convert the ConectSUS certificate in English to the French health pass online or at one of the several accredited pharmacies for this – check it out, in this link, where to find them. Before, this conversion could be done exclusively by the application "TousAntiCovid“, but, due to several problems, it also started to be done in person in pharmacies.

The health pass is issued upon presentation of the ConectSUS vaccination certificate printed in English and the traveler's passport within the validity period. For the conversion, a fee of 30 euros is charged by the French government (about R$ 191), but with taxes, the total cost of the health pass is 36 euros (about R$ 229).

Who can have the French sanitary pass

France allows Brazilians to enter its territory as long as they are fully vaccinated with one of the immunizers authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA): Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Janssen.

Vaccinated travelers are not required to comply with quarantine upon arrival in France. The European country considers the complete immunization cycle as follows: 28 days after administration of the single dose of Janssen or 7 days after application of the second dose of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca.

Proof of vaccination is based on the presentation of the certificate issued by ConectSUS in English. This document guarantees entry into the country, but is not valid for entry into closed places, for which you must convert to a sanitary pass.

Brazilians immunized with Coronavac, however, can only enter France after completing the immunization cycle and 7 days after taking a complementary dose of a messenger RNA immunizer, currently manufactured only by Pfizer and Moderna laboratories.

And who hasn't had any vaccines?

According to the rules of entry into France, unvaccinated travelers must prove the “reason of force majeure” for their entry into the country and present a PCR test, or antigen test, with a negative result, and carried out less than 48 hours before departure. .

In addition, they are required to comply with a 10-day quarantine, accompanied by time restrictions for leaving the place of isolation and supervised by the police. The French government has listed the possible reasons of force majeure for the entry of unvaccinated travelers. They can be seen on the website French Ministry of the Interior.

You can obtain more information about the entry of Brazilians in France on one of these websites:

Before traveling to this or any other country, it is important to consult the updated tourist entry rules. In the case of France, it is worth talking to one of the consular offices located in several Brazilian states.

Now you can't go wrong: if you follow all our tips for issuing a health pass, you won't have any problems traveling to France and enjoying all that this incredible country has to offer.

Want tips on what to see and do there? check out our content about places to visit in France. You will be surprised by the options for tours and tourist attractions that this country offers. In addition, you will stay on top of all updates regarding the entry of Brazilians in France and what measures are being taken by the French government in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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