France begins to reopen: understand what the deflation will be like, return of trade, transport and other activities

France this week began its process to reopen after a period of quarantine. Basically, the country is divided between two zones: one with the cities most affected by the coronavirus and another where the number of infected people is controlled. The first, which involves Paris and nearby cities, is where the return to normal life will occur more slowly and progressively.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe presented what will effectively change and how the country will gradually resume its activities. The measures began to take effect last Monday (11th). Check out:

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How will the deflation be in France

france starts to reopen

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Since last Monday (11th) people have been able to leave social isolation and return to the streets. Before, any departure from home was necessary to present a certificate with the reasons. Now, this will no longer be necessary, even for the elderly, although the recommendation is that, if possible, this risk group remains in their homes.

However, the "certificate", which can be presented in print or on the cell phone, will continue to be valid for travel. In distances of more than 100 kilometers from their homes, people must present the document.

In addition to the above rules, the Prime Minister also informed the massive carrying out of tests to detect new infected. When a new case of coronavirus is confirmed, people who have had contact with the infected patient will be located and will have to perform isolation, in addition to being tested. According to the newspaper El País, the French government believes that more than 700,000 people will be tested per week.

Public transport in the Paris metropolitan area

france starts to reopen

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In the Paris metropolitan area, people will only be able to use public transport by submitting a statement with a justification – such as professional reasons or force majeure. Still, you will need to wear a mask to enter the vehicles. However, for swimming in the streets, the use of a mask is not mandatory.

Reopening of schools in France

france starts to reopen

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Last Monday (11) some young French people also returned to school. Kindergarten and primary schools have reopened across the country – however, student return is voluntary.

Still, a maximum of 10 students per class will be allowed in preschool and 15 in primary. According to EL País newspaper, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer reported that between 80% and 85% of schools will open. It is expected to receive 1 million students and 130,000 teachers.

Shops, bars and restaurants

france starts to reopen

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All businesses in the city resumed their activities last Monday (11) while maintaining social distancing measures. However, restaurants, bars and cafes still remain closed – the matter will be reassessed at the end of May. Companies should maintain the home-office scheme for the next few weeks.

Spaces such as barbershops, clothing stores, flower shops and bookstores are already operating. Shopping centers larger than 40,000 square meters will also not be able to reopen for the time being. Events that bring together more than 5,000 people are expected to remain closed until September – therefore, some small museums have already reopened.

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