The Pruvo tool ensures that you never pay abusive amounts on hotel reservations again

Newly arrived in Brazil, the platform promises to be the solution for tourists to save money by booking hotels and inns in different parts of the world. In the last year alone, the platform pruvo detected millions of bookings with price drops, ensuring an average savings of 12% on customer accommodation.

The values are actually much lower. On the website, a tourist reports having saved more than 400 dollars in hotel nights during a 6-day trip to New York, for example. Unlike other traditional booking sites, the proposal is to re-purchase the same hotel you chose, with a search after your purchase.

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The platform carried out a study and found that on average 40% of all hotel bookings experience a price drop after the initial booking has been made. In some cases, the difference reaches up to 67%, which can be a considerable loss for long stays.

Doron Nadivi, the program's marketing director, explains more details and also guarantees that it is possible to reduce your hotel room rates by up to 67% in any destination in the world and the good news is that this new tool is now available in Portuguese for free.

Why do prices drop?

Basically, there are two main reasons that are very frequent and occur in almost 40% of hotel bookings in the world. The first reason is the general rule of the market, we are talking about the supply and demand of these services. The hotel prefers to fill the last few rooms for a cheaper price than to leave them idle. The other reason is the great competition generated in the market, mainly by the big players and big travel agencies that dominate the sector and compete with each other.

What is the difference between this and other booking sites?

Simple. Hotel search engines provide the best accommodation prices available at the time of inquiry, but these values often fluctuate. pruvo is a service that alerts you if your booking has a price drop and directs you to the website where the cheapest price was found. The platform ensures that you never pay really high hotel rates again.

How does the Pruvo platform work?

The system is simple: you choose the hotel and the period you want to travel and make your reservation as usual on any accommodation platform, after that you inform this system of the hotel confirmation, sending your original reservation to the email [email protected] . An automated system and 100% free monitors the best rate for the same hotel, in the same room and period that you have chosen. It's all online and without major complications. How do they earn? The platform is paid by the booking site itself and only when it finds the best price and payment.

Once the program's algorithms find a better price for your reservation, they send you an email with the best deals for that same room (always cheaper than the original, after all, these values change all the time). Then just choose the best offer and the platform directs you to the site with the best price. After making the new cheaper purchase and receiving the confirmation email, just cancel the previous one, which paid more. THE only requirement they ask is to book hotels that offer a free cancellation option.

How did the service start?

It all started when the startup founder pruvo, noticed that the hotel reservation he had made three months before a trip was considerably cheaper than the time of purchase. After investigating, he noticed that this is a very common thing, as 4 out of 10 hosts experience the price drop.

In the beginning, all the monitoring and analysis was done by the founders, computer engineers who started the work with their friends and family. It didn't take long to realize the opportunity that was emerging: to create an automated platform that solves the problem of high hotel room rates, all done in a few clicks, effectively guaranteeing the lowest hotel price.

The restlessness turned into a life project and after he started to undertake the thing he never stopped. Doron also states that: “We want the process of traveling and discovering new places to not be something just for the rich”. It took more than two years of planning until the final creation of the algorithm and its launch in early 2016. Provo is expanding rapidly around the world, but, according to Doron Nadivi, “Brazil has quickly become the number 2 country in terms of of users on the platform”.

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