Looking for a different place to stay and have an unforgettable experience? Check out this list of 4 amazing hotels to visit in Brazil

If you are tired and want a change of scenery with a stay in a different place that is worth the effort, this article is the ideal choice. It is not new that the hotel industry seeks to offer differentiated hosting, but with something that makes hotels and inns something more than a point of rest and recovery for their customers.

That's why we went after some offers that can only be considered amazing. Not so much for the price or the services offered, but for the environment in which it is inserted and for providing a differential in the hosting experience itself.

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Each alternative presented here deserves mention. It is worth remembering that it is always good to check availability directly on the website that makes the reservations, hence the inclusion of the reference link. Details such as available dates or seating arrangements may vary unpredictably. But each one listed here will fulfill its function: to provide unforgettable moments for you and yours.

Prepared? So let's go!

Refuge Hut 

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Who does not remember having met or even seen from afar a Treehouse when small? Well, now you can stay in a cabin made of wood and glass, seven meters high.

It is located in Cantareira State Park, in Sao Paulo, inside a closed condominium and facing a natural preservation area. Called Cabana do Refúgio, it was inaugurated in October 2021 and is located in a complex in the heart of Serra da Cantareira.

The condominium is close to a gastronomic center and a mini market, as the intention is to allow guests to enjoy the environment to the fullest and be able to prepare their own food. Cantareira Park is also nearby and offers several official trails, waterfalls, sports and lots of ecotourism.

The tree house includes a glass roof over the bed, ideal for viewing the sky both day and night. It has a balcony with glass passage and an outdoor table for meals. It includes an indoor bathtub, outdoor shower, Finnish cedar sauna, equipped kitchen, TV and wi-fi. Important: bring bed linen and towels, as the place only provides pillows and blankets.

Geodesic Dome

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Dome-shaped structures are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that many sustainability experts claim that this is an architectural form that is less harmful to the environment. Thus, it was to be expected that someone would make one available to receive guests.

This one is in the same complex as Cabana do Refúgio, but is independent and is in the middle of a bamboo forest, right in the heart of the Serra da Cantareira, on a dead-end street in a closed subdivision.

The glamping style, which mixes the comfort of a hotel with the experience of a camp, is present in the structure, which allows a close contact with nature. From the dome it is easy to go to Parque da Cantareira, in the north of the city of São Paulo.

If you hate cooking, you can order food via apps, but remember that the entrance to the dome is private to the guest, as is the outdoor kitchen and barbecue area.

Furthermore, the same recommendations already listed in the previous item also apply to the dome. The capacity is for two people and has air conditioning, jacuzzi, equipped outdoor kitchen, barbecue and wi-fi. Come prepared: the place is a condominium, but it is isolated enough to provide the feeling of being alone in the middle of the bush, which not everyone absorbs easily.

Hotel Bubble

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From the capital of São Paulo we go to Araçoiaba da Serra, a municipality in the metropolitan region of Sorocaba. There it is possible to sleep in a transparent bubble, in the style of science fiction movies, watching stars, waking up to the sun and accompanied by the sounds of nature.

The so-called bubble rooms (and cabins) have become a fever all over the world and are generally located in very isolated places to give the guest complete privacy and comfort.

Its structure is similar to the geodesic dome, being a basic hotel room with bathroom (internal or external attached), items such as bathtub and air conditioning and an outdoor area with fire pit, barbecue, jacuzzi and lots of nature, including native animals.

This is a popular travel destination for couples looking for a different but romantic adventure. The structure includes an open-air bath with mine water; wood stove with kitchen utilities; included breakfast delivered to the door at the appointed time; heated outdoor shower; grill; air conditioning; access to tv with Netflix; bathroom with panoramic glass view and surrounded by woods; deck overlooking the mountains and more.

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Airplane Inn

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There are people who don't like to fly or travel, let alone sleep. But this is another highlight of Serra da Mantiqueira, at 1,600 meters of altitude.

Pousada Viviê created the idea of a hostel inside a real plane, with a “control tower”. For the so-called airplane suite, guests pass through a path that mimics an airstrip. In the departure hall we have access to the aircraft itself through the original front stairs.

The cockpit has a panel with lights equipped with items such as DVD player, tablet with internet access, controls, displays and levers of the EMB 120, customized leather seats, and an on-board computer with flight simulator.

The interior of the plane serves as a living room, with a mini-bar, trolley with electric kettle and thermos, minibar, swivel seats, executive folding table, small snack table with a side view of the wing, on-board sofa, TV , mobile air conditioning, trunk and original renovated toilet.

At the back of the plane there is a glass tunnel that leads to the master bedroom. On the second floor of the control tower there is a large master bathroom with mirrored glass and panoramic views from the double whirlpool bath with chromotherapy.

The terrace has a view of the mountains from where it is possible to observe the entire plane and the Serra da Mantiqueira. It's quite an experience.

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