Ultra-fast train that reaches up to 1000 km/h may arrive in Brazil in 2025

Have you ever imagined moving between Sao Paulo and Rio, or vice versa, in just 25 minutes? This trip could soon become a reality. That's because a new ultra-fast and technological train, called hyperloop, should arrive in Brazil in 2025.

The technology, developed by entrepreneur and visionary Elon Musk, who is also responsible for electric car maker Tesla, is being tested in some countries. According to a report published by Exame Magazine, according to the president of hyperloop, the novelty may also be implemented in Brazil.

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"Brazil should appear in the second wave of investments, scheduled for five years from now," said Dirk Ahlborn, founder and chairman of the company, to Exame Magazine. The businessman, who is currently working to facilitate partnerships and investors, will come to Brazil in March to participate in a technology event.

According to the publication, the executive also stated that it would be possible to implement the new train using existing tracks in the country. However, an obstacle would be Brazilian legislation, which requires specific regulations for this type of project to proceed. If all goes well, the idea is to make a shorter journey possible before the Rio-SP route, between São Paulo and Campinas, with a journey time of only six minutes.

The first ultrafast train in TT hyperloop will be built later this year, in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

Ultra-Fast Train: Learn about Hyperloop Technology 


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According to the company itself, the technology hyperloop provides the transport of passengers in a similar size to an airplane, but without wings. According to the company, the new ultra-fast train floats in a frictionless magnetic capsule, allowing for ultra-fast speed.

The new modal also has an intelligent system that allows transmitting information  critical temperature and stability, all wirelessly and instantly.

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