Frutta & Crema, an Italian restaurant at the top of Serra da Cantareira, offers spectacular views of the region, and is the perfect weekend getaway!

Do you know what a gelato is? Or have you tried it? This delicious creation is certainly included in the “must try before you die” category. What's more: it's a rare occasion where even those who don't like sweets indulge.

Now imagine an opportunity to enjoy this incredible gastronomic wonder amidst a natural environment just a few kilometers from its urban center. This Oasis exists and has an Italian name: Frutta & Crema, a restaurant in Serra da Cantareira, in São Paulo, which brings the best of the cuisine of the Bota Peninsula to you with all the expertise of the best chefs in the segment.

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But before entering the enchanted world of restaurants in Cantareira, we must position ourselves more in context. Let's get to know some of this icy wonder and see how it conquered tropical palates.

Gelato (with emphasis on the first syllable) is a frozen dessert of Italian origin made from 3,25% of whole milk and sugar. It generally has less fat than other styles of frozen desserts and contains 70% less air and more flavor than other types of frozen desserts, giving it a density and richness that sets it apart from other ice creams.

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Bernardo Buontalenti, credited with inventing the Italian ice cream, is credited with being the forerunner of gelato. Gelato in its modern form, however, is credited to Italian chef Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, who in the late 1600s opened his Café Procope in Paris and introduced the dessert there, gaining notoriety first in the city and later in the rest of Europe. . Thanks to her, Procopius not only obtained French citizenship, but also an exclusive royal license issued by King Louis XIV, making him at the time the only producer of the frozen dessert in the kingdom.

In the 1900s to 1950s, different innovations facilitated automatic gelato production. Motogelatiera was created, the first automatic machine to make gelato. Other innovations, such as the batch freezer, made it easier to store frozen desserts. In the 1940s, Bolognese engineer Bruto Carpigiani worked to create machines that would make gelato production safer and easier. Today, Carpigiani is one of the largest manufacturers of gelato machines. Today, the dessert is known worldwide and Italy is the only country where the market share of artisanal gelato compared to mass produced gelato exceeds 55%.

Serra da Cantareira

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The largest urban forest in the state of São Paulo it is adored by all who seek a refuge from the stone jungle and a closer contact with nature. It is just 15 minutes from the city and has a large number of pizzerias, bakeries and restaurants, which makes the point, which belongs to the municipality of Mairiporã, a gastronomic hub ready to be explored.

“But what led to the existence of an Italian restaurant in Cantareira?” is the first question that comes to mind. Let's see what the official Frutta & Crema website has to offer:

“Frutta e Crema is a brand with a positive social impact. Founded after years of research and development, it brings innovation to the production and operation of artisanal Italian gelato and its businesses. With this, it minimizes manufacturing costs and exposure with high productivity to focus energy on what really matters, the food that will be provided to people”.

Italian restaurant

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Perhaps the best translation for what the restaurant represents is in a word that is increasingly present these days: sustainability. Contact with nature and the production of artisanal products are important to improve people's quality of life and take them away from living with concrete and cement, forcing them to have access to a more resistant and healthy diet.

More than simply enjoying good food, most visitors to the gastronomic establishments in the mountains want a stress-free environment with a view of nature. And it's no wonder: the thousands of regulars at the ice cream parlor and restaurant meant that the company only had in the first half of this year the equivalent of the entire previous year's revenue.

Fruit & Cream

fruit and cream

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Gelato is just one of the attractions offered by this establishment. The brand encompasses several business units in addition to the gelateria, such as the cafeteria (sweets), focacceria (pizzas), 50/50 project (POS), Kilometer zero and the restaurant, a complete Italian experience.

In the focacceria there is Italian pasta, produced with high quality ingredients and without oil. All recipes are made with Italian olive oil and serve as a base for pizzas.

The gelateria is complemented by 50&50, a shared operation selling artisanal Italian gelato. “The brand Fruit & Cream distributes the gelato, in addition to guaranteeing the installation of the exhibitors at the partners' point of sale. The proposal of the partnership is to unite expertise for the sustainable growth of the business, the brand and its partners”, explains the official website.

The most famous breakfast in Serra da Mantiqueira is served every day, makes executives and companies practically wake up there and causes queues on weekends.

“Many people come from far away to work with us and most of them during business hours, which led us to open earlier and consequently bring our flagship as another experience for our customers”, says Levi de Moraes, managing partner of Fruit & Cream.

Breakfast is served à la carte and includes a variety of fruit salads, breads, scrambled eggs, croissant, cake, coffee, fruit juices and two suggestions for combos for one and two people for R$ 58 and R$ 98, respectively.


Igapó Shopping Center, Avenida José Gianesella, 500, Serra da Cantareira – São Paulo.
Contacts by phones (11) 95659-7001 and (11) 4485-3124.
Official site:

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