This selection shows five itineraries through the scenarios of the Game of Thrones series, and the best, they are real places and can be visited in a car itinerary  

The series game of Thrones started its first season in 2011, aired on HBO and became a worldwide phenomenon. The saga reached millions of fans who eagerly awaited the next seasons. “Winter is Coming” has been shared in different languages and places around the world, and with it, countless viewers await the final outcome of this exciting story.

Divided into 8 seasons and hundreds of exciting landscapes, the series game of Thrones guaranteed an enthusiastic and loyal audience. Some even want to get to know the scenarios used in the recordings. Well, different scenes were produced in real places and are available for visitation.

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Therefore, nothing better than making a script and planning a trip to explore these countries, visiting and almost reliving the scenes of the series. With that in mind, the presented here 5 script options for fans of the series. Want to know where the Game of Thrones seasons were filmed? Check out this selection and organize your next trip.

split and Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo: fjaka /Flickr

Croatia has two unforgettable settings from the series: split and Dubrovnik. The first destination is located near Zagreb, it is possible to rent a car from R$ 90.00 a day and travel 410 km to split. Some scenes from the fifth season were filmed at Diocletian's Palace, which is in the city.

Close to the region is the fortress Kliss, which was also the scene of some scenes. The location is on a mountain, so it offers a great view of the city of split It's from Adriatic Sea.

to go from split The Dubrovnik, you need to take a highway. But when you arrive in the city, its medieval theme will be captivating, remembering that the location received footage from the first five seasons. Among them, the home of royalty, I call red keep, which in real life is an eleventh century construction, the Fort Lovrijenac.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Photo: Andrew Hurley / Wikimedia Commons

Anyone visiting Ireland is already thinking about exploring the capital, the charming Dublin welcomes thousands of exchange students and admirers of Irish culture. So, a tip is to go to the city, visit all the sights and then rent a car and go to Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland.

Belfast is another great scenario of Game of Thrones, as it was the scene of the famous Battle of the Bastards, between Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton. The region is marked by the cloudy and humid climate, characteristic of the series.

The city's attractions don't end there, it still has the National Forest Park, a few kilometers from Belfast. This location was the scene of the scene where the big wolves were found, known as the forests of the North in the series.

ballintoy, scotland

Photo: Neil Thompson / Flickr

Another tip to enjoy your trip even more is to arrive in Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, enjoy and explore the country even more. After that, just rent a car and go to ballintoy, which is less than 100 km away.

Ballintoy is another Game of Thrones scenery in real life. The place served as a location where they recorded the land of the Drowned God. In addition to offering a great view of the sea and some nearby islands. In addition to Ballintoy, the Scotland it has different medieval and historical cities, being an exciting destination for those who want to know a little of the classic architecture of Europe.

Gerona, Spain

Photo: Craig Wyzik / Flickr

Have you ever wondered where the character Arya Stark keep training with the Faceless Men? The real-life setting is located in the city of Girona, in Spain, in the surprising region of Catalonia.

How Girona it is about 100 km away from Barcelona, it is worth going first to the most famous Spanish city. Then just rent a car and start noticing the differences in the relief and landscape of the country of Don Quixote. Once you're on the road, prepare to fall in love with Spain all the way.

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