Sao Paulo hill at Bahia guards other beaches in addition to the most known and frequented. Many tourists who visit the island miss the unknown beauty of Garapuá which is separated from the other beaches by a mangrove and is located after Praia do Encanto, also called Quinta Praia.

Garapuá It is synonymous with simplicity and hospitality and would be almost deserted if it weren't for the restaurants that are located by the sea. For those looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle, it can be an excellent option.

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The beach has two kilometers of beach and a small village with fishermen's houses and few inns. The seabed with sand makes it different from all other beaches in Morro de São Paulo, since the others have corals on the seabed.

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THE Garapuá beach it has white sand, transparent waters and is surrounded by coconut trees and an Atlantic Forest reserve. The natural pools that form at low tide are one of the stops on the Volta a Ilha tour, the best known Sao Paulo hill. Tourists dive and marvel at the fish and the clarity of the water.

The tourist structure of Garapuá It's still small but the people are hospitable and when parties like the patron saint São Francisco de Assis are held, the residents usually stay in front of the houses and serve delicious dishes of the local cuisine with seafood and fish.

What to do in Garapuá: best tours

garapuá morro de sao paulo

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Garapuá natural pools

One of the most beautiful things to discover in Garapuá is its natural swimming pool. Access to the formidable stronghold of hundreds and colorful fish is only accessed by boat during low tide.

As there is no pier for boarding, tourists go across the sea to the boat, with water up to their waist, which does not prevent them from taking cameras and bags with them.

The journey to the natural pools of Garapuá takes about 15 minutes

Garapuá mangroves

To the north of Garapuá, the tourist finds the transparent waters of the mangroves present at the ends of the beach forming a beautiful landscape.

The tour lasts 2 hours and, in addition to visiting this stunning scenery, you will also have the experience of getting to know the routine of the natives who live in this region.

Quinta Praia

If you have time, make a stop at Quinta Praia do Morro de São Paulo, as Encanto beach is known. There, as in Garapuá beach, low tide brings out the immense and shallow natural pools, so beautiful that it is impossible not to lie down on the warm waters of the beach.

How to get to Garapuá

How to get to Garapuá

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Access from Sao Paulo hill until Garapuá It can be done in two ways: by sea with a boat taking an average of one hour or by tractor on the Receptivo road, which is behind Second Beach. In this case the route will be 1h30.

It can still be reached through the 12 km trail that can be done on foot or on horseback. So when you are in Morro de São Paulo, take some time to visit Garapuá and discover another pleasant surprise that the Tinharé archipelago has in store.

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