Gastronomic village in the interior of São Paulo: “O Velhão” complex offers a rustic space inspired by an Italian village and built with demolition material 

THE Serra da Cantareira it is a place full of beauty – and also some pleasant surprises. It takes about 40 minutes by road from the center of the capital to find the pure air of the Atlantic Forest, as well as several options for tours and nice restaurants in the midst of nature. 

It is in this scenario that one of the most peculiar and charming places in the region can be found. Its about "the old man”, an Italian village that was completely built with demolition material. But how does this place work and what to do there? We will explain everything so that you can plan a tour of this place that will impress you

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Velhão: history and beauty in the interior of São Paulo 

Gastronomic village in the interior of São Paulo

Photo: Disclosure

Gastronomic village in the interior of São Paulo

Photo: Disclosure

THE old man It is a super charming, cozy – and even a little mysterious – complex that refers to an Italian village. There are several spaces, between shops and restaurants, built with demolition material. But how exactly did this fantastic place come about and so close to São Paulo? 

The story begins in 1978, when Moacyr Archanjo together with his wife, Iracema Araújo, they started the dream of building a space from the collection of Moacyr, who was a great enthusiast and collector of demolition pieces. 

Gastronomic village in the interior of São Paulo

Photo: Disclosure

After Moacyr's death in 2001, the complex began to be managed by Iracema, who takes care of the space to this day. A walk through the Velhão is to be enchanted by the fabulous legacy left by its creator. The place is really fantastic and in a short walk you will understand why.

There are statues, flowers, rustic walls and various old objects strategically placed, revealing the life and beauty of what was once just rubbish. You can spend hours there and you'll always end up being surprised by some detail that you hadn't noticed before. And that's not all: in addition to contemplating, there is also a lot to do inside. 

What to do in the gastronomic village O Velhão

Gastronomic village in the interior of São Paulo

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

If hunger strikes while you marvel at the discoveries in the Velhão, there is the incredible restaurant “The Veins”. The space serves homemade food, that of the farm, with homemade seasoning and prepared in a wood oven. It is served every day on the all-inclusive system, at a fixed price per person, and is very successful on weekends. 

However, there are other gastronomic options there, such as the pizzeria “the pizza”, which serves tasty rounds and the charming “Old man's cafe", providing pies, cakes, pies and assorted sweets. The complex also has a bar, the “Game Conspiracy”, which has a variety of classic games from the 80's and 90's, in addition to good beer labels. For those who enjoy live music, the tip is the “Nova brewery”, which also offers several bar delicacies. 

Book lovers will still be able to spend a good amount of time looking for good titles and rarities in the “Old man tallow”. The complex also has several small shops and an incredible carpentry shop that restores old furniture, and where it is also possible to purchase curious restored demolition objects.

the old man

str. Municipal Mayor Dr. Sarkis Tellian, 3,000 – Fern Garden, Mairiporã
11 4485-1330 | 11 4485-111

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