According to a study, 78% of Brazilians say they choose a destination to travel with expectations regarding food

Gastronomy has a very important weight in the decision of Brazilian travelers when choosing a new destination to travel. At least that's what the global survey shows. International Travel Survey, prepared by the travel planning platform KAYAK.

With the aim of identifying the habits of travelers around the world, the 2019 edition interviewed more than a thousand Brazilians to identify their preferences and curiosities regarding travel.

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Check out some interesting revelations about the customs of Brazilian travelers.

Gastronomy is the biggest priority for Brazilians who travel

Respondents were asked about their travel expenses, without taking into account airfare and accommodation. Being able to choose up to three answers, 43% of Brazilians had restaurants and cafes as their main expense, followed by tours (42%) and shopping (42%).

In addition, 78% of Brazilians say they choose their final destination based on expectations regarding food and 66% say they are willing to spend more on food when traveling than at home. Inspiration for restaurant choice comes mainly from websites (41%) and from recommendations from friends and family (40%), with a preference (54%) for restaurants that serve local food. Brazilians' favorite foreign cuisine is, by far, Italian – the preference of 43% of respondents, with Japanese in second place, with 11%.

Travel is the preferred investment for Brazilians

37% of Brazilians responded that travel is the thing they most like to spend money on. The second category – home improvements (renovations, new furniture) – had 22% of votes, followed by electronics, with 12%, clothing (11%), food (11%), and cultural events (2%), among others.

Despite travel leading for the second year in a row, it dropped from 43% of votes in 2018 to 37% this year. "Factors such as the rise in the dollar, exchange rate instability and political uncertainties have impacted our financial priorities, but travel remains in the DNA of Brazilians, says Eduardo Fleury, Operations leader for KAYAK in Brazil.

Beach destinations are the most rated for holidays in 2019

When asked about the ideal vacation in 2019 – with the possibility of giving more than one answer – 67% of Brazilians said they had beach destinations in mind. In second place is the rental of a summer house (32%), followed by urban tours (30%) and road trips (30%).

Most Brazilians prefer hotels to other accommodations

77% of respondents expressed a preference for staying in hotels, against 17% who prefer other types of accommodation and 6% of those who are undecided. Regarding the daily rate, the highest range – 32% – spends between 151 and 300 reais on average, against 24% which spends less than 150 reais. The things Brazilians look for the most in their hotels are breakfast included (77%) and free Wi-Fi (71%).

Finding cheap tickets is a stressful process

Brazilians don't have much patience to look for discounted tickets. According to research, 32% of Brazilians reported stress in the trip planning stage. Of these, 43% pointed to the difficulty of finding cheap tickets as the main stressor. 

Romance and travel don't go together

Only 32% of those interviewed said they had already fallen in love on a trip, against 65% who did not. Men fall in love more than women: 37% of the men surveyed have already fallen in love; in the female slice, the number drops to 27%.

Beaches were the most common setting (31%) for those who fell in love, followed by tours (20%), travel groups (19%), hotels/hostels (19%) and others.

Solo travel is on the radar of Brazilians

49% of Brazilians have traveled alone for leisure. Other 26%s have never done so, but they are willing and only 24%s have no interest in doing so. The age group most interested in traveling alone is young people (18 to 22 years old) and interest drops as respondents get older.

Beaches are the preferred type of destination for solo travelers, with 45% of votes, with urban tours in second place (27%) and backpacking in third (19%). The biggest motivation for solo travelers is that they need some alone time, with 42% of votes.

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