Brazilian destinations that already attracted the attention of many tourists are now dedicated to a growing segment of tourism

Brazil is one of the countries that leads the trend of LGBTQI audience+ when it comes to traveling. Despite the country being at the top of the list that kills the most LGBT people in the world, tourism in this segment has received large investments and, consequently, has grown skyrocketing in relation to other countries.

Below we select some gay friendly destinations that illustrate this proposal and respect diversity. Check out!

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Rio de Janeiro

gay friendly destinations in brazil

Photo: Graham-H / Pixabay

The wonderful city, renowned for its beaches, carnival and the liveliest Gay Parade, surpasses many other destinations due to its hospitality – the animation of cariocas is unanimous!

Posto 8 in Ipanema is certainly one of those attractions. This stretch frequented by artists and families has rainbow flags along the coast showing the diversity of the place.

For those who prefer to walk in the morning or enjoy the night, Rua Farme de Amoedo is ideal. There you can visit bars, restaurants and shops.


gay friendly destinations in brazil

Photo: WT-shared / Wikimedia Commons

Magic Island, as the capital of Santa Catarina is known, is one of the most sought after destinations in the world by LGBTQI audience+. This destination attracts, in part, for the beautiful beaches, for the preserved nature, and, mainly, for the nightlife.

It is worth noting that Lagoa da Conceição is one of the places that most attracts the public. There are bars and restaurants around the waterfront, along Avenida das Rendeiras.

Praia Mole, Jurerê Internacional and Galheta are some of the gay friendly beaches.


gay friendly destinations in brazil

Photo: Lalaisca / Wikimedia Commons

It is often said that when you leave the airport a new world will be waiting for you. Certainly, this maxim is an indication of the hospitality that the capital has in store. One of the most popular and sought after events by the gay public takes place in Salvador. It's the San Island Weekend, which in partnership with the LGBTQI+ San Sebastian nightclub, hosts international attractions. But this is not the only event aimed at this target audience. The beaches are also a big draw. Porto da Barra, Praia dos Artistas and Stella Maris, where the most costumed tents are present and play sounds like pop and international rock.

Fernando de Noronha

gay friendly destinations in brazil

Photo: Ricardo Polisel Alves / Wikimedia Commons

Fernando de Noronha has been establishing himself in the LGBTQI+ tourism segment for some years now. Previously, paradise was a destination practically reserved for honeymooners. For the past few years, the island has hosted Love Fest once a year, an LGBTQI+ party that draws attention around the world, and has become a meeting point for islanders and tourists.

Port of Chickens

gay friendly destinations in brazil

Photo: Cleferson Comarela / Wikimedia Commons

The best-known beach in the municipality of Ipojuca in Pernambuco, it has about 18 km of sand from Camboa to Pontal de Maracaípe. The beach was voted the best according to subscribers to Viagem & Turismo magazine. In recent years LGBTQI+ tourism has received a lot of investment. Last year (2018), for example, it hosted an important festival aimed at the public, Hell & Heaven, even attracting the attention of the international public.


gay friendly destinations in brazil

Photo: Masajualves / Wikimedia Commons

Considered the French Riviera, Búzios receives about 1 million tourists every summer, and although there is no research about it, most of them are LGBT. What takes this into account is the number of events and activities aimed at this audience, as well as the growing scenario seeking to invest in diversity tourism in the region. Rua das Pedras and Orla Bardot – named after French actress Brigitte Bardot’s stay – are two clear examples. The most popular beach is Geribá, two kilometers of beach attracting the attention of lively young people. Along the waterfront there are several gay friendly restaurants.

Sao Paulo hill

gay friendly destinations in brazil

Photo: Lívia Buhring / Wikimedia Commons

LGBTQI+ tourism has been growing every year in Morro de São Paulo, and one of these attractions is certainly the fame that surrounds the peninsula. Sophisticated accommodation, varied cuisine and a lively nightlife are part of the recipe that contributes to this index. Morro de São Paulo is the eighth best beach in the world, and in Latin America it occupies the second position, second only to Easter Island, in terms of natural beauty.


gay friendly destinations in brazil

Photo: Valdiney Pimenta / Flickr

The ecotourism capital is now investing in a second segment, and it has been working very well in recent years. There are about 70 thousand tourists annually, in parts very engaged with nature, and in others they attract those who prefer to relax next to the preserved forest.

The region hosts some already established festivals such as the Winter Festival, South America, and recently, for the third consecutive year, the Gay Bonito, in which several artists from the contemporary LGBTQI+ scene will participate.

Sao Paulo

gay friendly destinations in brazil

Photo: The Photographer / Wikimedia Commons

The largest gay parade in the world takes place in São Paulo, an event that attracts the attention of national and international tourism. This confirms one of the biggest investments that there has been aimed at LGBTQI+ travelers. In addition to this event there are numerous bars, restaurants and clubs aimed at the public. For those who prefer a more relaxed walk, it is possible to visit the museum of diversity, which has some exhibitions by trans artists and a memorial of community resistance.

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