Germany: immigrants and self-employed professionals, including artists, are receiving around 5,000 euros due to the pandemic. Amount is being paid on an urgent basis to reduce damage caused by the crisis

Brazilian residing in Berlin, capital of Europe's biggest economic power, reports on social media about the measures taken by the German government. In just 5 hours after applying online to receive government aid, DJ and music producer from São Paulo, Johnny Da Cruz, received 5 thousand euros (about R$ 30 thousand reais). Amount paid individually will be used to contain the personal expenses of informal professionals in the country during the next three months.

Aid in Germany of 5 thousand euros

German government starts paying aid in the country. Image: Johnny Da Cruz

“Initially, I did not intend to sign up for this so as not to harm people who could be more needy, but given the absurd value of the euro hitting the R$ 6 house practically, and also the uncertainty of not knowing how far this will end, I decided to sign up for the morning of the 1st of April. I sent my form at 10:30 am and 5 hours later I get the notification from the bank.” 

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Measure seeks to reduce economic impacts in Germany

The Brazilian who lives in Berlin, capital of Germany, had concerts canceled until mid-May and is one of the millions of artists and self-employed professionals affected by the pandemic. “In just over two weeks, the German government created an online system so that all self-employed people (including artists) could apply for help to survive without working amid this pandemic.” 

The measure adopted by different countries has become a necessary incentive for people to be able to stay at home with basic guarantees, avoiding the increase in contagion. To the Brazilian's surprise, the amount was paid by the German government and was available in the bank account on the same day. 

Brazilian received 5 thousand euros

Brazilian received 5 thousand euros from the German government. Photo: Personal Collection

In the report, Johnny still says: “I just wanted to share this to show the guys that are in the Brazil that as long as there is no deepening of the debates on important issues for the country's development, and we remain in this shallow and neoliberal discourse, in a place full of social problems, we will never reach anything close to that”.

At the Brazil, The aid offered by the government initially it was 200 reais. After public retaliation and interference from the Senate, the amount tripled, reaching up to R$ 1,200.00 in some cases. 

Germany: Measures seek to reduce economic impact on the country

Measures begin to be adopted after the government announced a huge economic containment package worth 750 billion euros (estimated at R$ 4.14 trillion reais). In this way, the German government launches different measures to protect workers and companies during the pandemic. Due to the global crisis, the country's GDP may drop 5% this year. 

In addition to doubling the number of ICU beds and expanding the medical structure in the country, resources will also be directed to reduce the economic impact caused by the pandemic. “We are using everything we have to fight this global crisis,” said Olaf Scholz, vice chancellor of the Germany, during a press conference.

Germany launches measures to reduce economic impact on the country

Aid for professionals in Germany amounts to 5,000 euros. Photo: Marius Serban / Unsplash

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