Know that travel insurance is essential and even a mandatory item for international travel. Next, we will see what this service is for and how it works.

Nothing like being able to take a vacation and travel with the family, right? And not to be caught off guard, we take several precautions, such as checking the car, checking the safety of the house, pets, but what about travel insurance? Do you plan to include him in your trip too?

Today we will see the importance of carrying out a Travel insurance and we'll show you the reasons not to travel without it.

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Reasons to buy travel insurance


If you have doubts about whether or not it is worth taking out this type of insurance, here we will show you 5 good reasons so you don't travel without travel insurance.


trip cancellation


Unforeseen events happen, don't they? And as bad as canceling a trip that was expected and still having losses from it, it's not something we expect to happen. In these cases, taking out travel insurance will help to deal with this situation, even if you don't have no cancellation or refund clause for the accommodation and airfare that would be carried out on the trip, the insurance will cover all this, rescheduling or refunding any losses.


Loss of luggage


Mistakes like this always happen, and they waste a lot of time and money. If you go through this discomfort and having insurance is easier how to proceed. Just contact the insurance company, and you will receive instructions on how to proceed to retrieve your luggage, and you can still count on financial aid to cover extra emergency expenses, such as personal hygiene products and clothing, respecting the limits described. in the policy.




When planning a trip, we don't think about getting sick, right? But some accidents can happen. imagine you going travel around the world, with amazing places to see, and some kind of accident happens. What is already an uncomfortable situation, could be even more so without travel insurance in hand, as it guarantees medical assistance, with full or partial coverage of expenses, and even transportation to your place of origin, if necessary.


Juridical support


A minor car accident, and presto, a complicated situation can form there. But be aware that many insurances even include attorneys' fees to give you legal support if needed. 




In case of loss or theft of documents, which is not uncommon, contact your insurance company immediately, so they will instruct you in the best way to proceed, until you file a report. Even some insurers include in their policies an amount to help with financial expenses for these emergencies.


How to choose the best insurance?


In the market you can find several options and, for this reason, it is important that you can understand what covers your needs. 

When we organize a trip, we are very concerned about saving money, it is understandable, because they are different expenses than we do on a daily basis, they are high amounts carried out in a short period, so we always seek to look for best airfare prices, better prices on accommodation, tours, among others. But remember that saving on travel insurance is not always the best option, as this is actually an investment in tranquility and enjoyment of your trip.

So check the best options that fit your trip, as there is travel insurance for family, for those who travel only for work, for those who only think about the basics, among many others. 

Now that you understand the importance of travel insurance, be sure to buy yours, so you can travel with more peace of mind.

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