Gol will maintain 50 daily regional flights connecting all Brazilian states to São Paulo International Airport (GRU)

After announcing the cancellation of all your international flights to count the advances of the coronavirus, Gol will now suspend all its domestic routes, with the exception of large capitals. The measure will apply from Saturday (March 28) and is valid until May 3. During the period, the company announced that it will maintain 50 daily flights connecting all Brazilian states to São Paulo International Airport (GRU).

However, in a note published on its website, the company announced that it will make extra flights if necessary and to meet eventual demands in specific destinations. Anyone who has a flight scheduled with the company for the next few days can book tickets in advance at no cost.

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To check the routes Click here. For flight information, just access the Company Website or call 0300-115-2121.

Reduced Azul flights

In addition to Gol, the airline Azul will also reduce its regional flights, currently operating 70 daily flights to 25 cities. The company also informed that it will maintain cargo transport flights, especially those related to health supplies. The measure is valid, so far, until April 30th.

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