The new measure questions the importance of public transport as a constitutional right for all inhabitants.

“If transport is public, why should we pay for it?”. This is a somewhat pertinent question, and taken seriously by the government of Luxembourg, a European country that decided to completely eliminate tram, train and bus fares by 2020.

The measure, which will begin to be tested in 2019, already has some users, such as students who can travel from home to school for free. The proposal was very well accepted by the entire population.

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But, far beyond guaranteeing citizens what they are entitled to, the new government led by Xavier Bettel also aims to work strongly on the environmental issue, as promised in his political campaign.

If on the one hand we have a zero fee charge and the reduction or complete cancellation of the number of employees at the box office, on the other hand, we will have charges aimed directly at those who leave home daily by car, as a way of encouraging the use of public transportation.

And it's no wonder: the congestion in Luxembourg it is one of the worst in the world, considering that the country, relatively small, receives workers daily from neighboring Germany, France and Belgium.

The benefits of the new Luxembourg government for the population

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By adopting such a measure, the government of Luxembourg raises debates on the care of the environment, the increase in the quality of life, the contribution to the reduction of pollution and other issues of global interest.

Have you ever thought if the rulers of Brazil decided to act in the same way? Examples like this, in Europe, are essential for countries around the world to rethink the well-being of their citizens in all areas.

Other equally controversial proposals by the Xavier Bettel government include two more days off a year for everyone and the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes, an issue that is also heavily debated around the world.

Using public transport in Luxembourg

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The news that the government of Luxembourg intends to offer free public transport 100% in all its modalities until 2020 also encourages tourists, but until the publication of this text it was not clearly informed whether there will be a control to know if only citizens of the country will be enjoying the service.

Another somewhat vague point in this information concerns train travel in more comfortable classes, but, in any case, public transport in Luxembourg does not disappoint and, even if they have to pay a little, tourists can enjoy the journeys a lot. traveled.

This is because, due to its small territory, the country is able to interconnect several points of interest with the available modalities, including the journey to neighboring countries in relatively quick trips, so far with costs already considered low.

Safety and comfort are also present: buses, for example, are extremely clean and equipped with air conditioning and heating. In other words: you can travel in winter or short summer without suffering from the temperatures to get around.

The free public transport in Luxembourg is, in any case, an important subject and of interest to many, but those who intend to travel there and do not give up a good walk to get to know the surroundings will certainly not miss the buses, trains and trams, depending on the area you are staying. This is because many tourist attractions are close to each other and can be visited on foot.

Among the points that ask for a walk around are the Notre-Dame Cathedral with its Gothic style from 1613, the Adolphe Bridge, all in carved stone, the Grand Duke's Palace, seat of the State, and the Plaza de Armas. The live music performances, cafes and restaurants around this square, by the way, give it an attraction beyond its history.

Whatever the final decision of the Luxembourg government regarding free public transport, extending it to tourists or creating a control so that they have to pay something, it will already guarantee numerous benefits for everyone. After all, in addition to contributing to the environment and reducing congestion, improving everyone's lives, this is a way of immersing yourself in the local way of life, which is worth it on any trip.

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