Greece's first underwater museum allows its visitors to admire remains and objects found in a sunken ship from the 5th century BC

Greece has just opened the country's first underwater museum. Located on Alonissos Island, the museum houses a merchant ship that sank in the middle of a storm around 425 BC. He was bringing thousands of amphorae of wine and was coming from Chalkidiki in northern Greece. The boat was only discovered in 1985, and is located at a depth of 28 meters.

This experience is open to amateur divers and is only available until the 2nd of October, reveals the English newspaper “The Guardian”. Those who cannot take a look at the underwater space can always see a virtual visit to space in the city center of Alonissos.

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As there are 4,000 amphorae, it is believed that it was a very large ship. However, as it was all wood, its structure did not survive to tell the tale. In the area there are 4 sunken ships, and the authorities are now organizing the interior of them and ensuring passages so that divers can visit the internal area.

Greece underwater museum

Greece underwater museum

The exhibition will be open until October 2.

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