The free booklet, produced in partnership with the NGO Think Olga, aims to demystify the woman who travels in her own company, in addition to providing tips and important information

Have you, woman, ever traveled alone or do you want to throw yourself into the world enjoying your own company? In partnership with the women's empowerment NGO Think Olga, the hotel booking platform launched today in Sao Paulo, the booklet "Women around the world: a guide to traveling on your own”, a material aimed at encouraging women to pack their bags and explore new destinations safely.

With 20 pages decorated with playful and delicate illustrations by the artist Eva Uviedo, the booklet was presented in a chat conducted by journalist and traveler Rosana Jatoba and was attended by Juliana de Faria, founder of Think Olga, and Luiz Cegato, communications manager at for Latin America.

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The material was produced to encourage more and more women to hit the road and enjoy their own company, presenting strategies to make this journey more pleasant and offering information to deal with insecurities and fears that are sometimes obstacles in the lives of travelers. “We created this guide with the aim of encouraging women to pack their bags and explore new destinations, experiences and, above all, themselves,” said Luiz Cegato.

Guide for women traveling alone is launched in São Paulo by Booking. Photo: Better Travel Guide

The guide also encourages women to enjoy their own company in nearby locations or for a short time. “This walk of women through the public space alone often awakens this look of stereotype and prejudice, and many women are afraid to face this loneliness”, said Juliana. “Enjoying your own company and discovering your own city is already a great journey of self-discovery”, he continued.

Other information that can be found in the booklet are practical tips to make the most of the travel experience, connect with people during the experience, face the fear of loneliness and also take precautions regarding the safety of travelers. “The guide does not aim to make women responsible for their own safety, only to point out some suggestions and strengthen women in their travels”, explained Juliana.

Women traveling alone: adventurous and safe

The idea for the booklet emerged from a research carried out by the Booking in March 2019, where 43% of women stated that they have never traveled alone. The research was conducted not only in the Brazil, but also in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico with more than 4 thousand people – between men and women – over 18 years old who have already made at least two international trips.

According to the survey, travelers from Latin America think that self-travelling women are independent (65%), adventurous (54%), self-assured (51%) and courageous (40%). Brazilian travelers are even more positive in relation to solo travelers, where these numbers rise to 71%, 52%, 53% and 49%, respectively.

Photo: Pixabay

However, safety is still a barrier and a concern for women who travel alone. According to the survey, 100% of the interviewees stated that they would travel in all-female groups because they feel they would be safer, especially on evening programs. No accident, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, considered the safest countries, are the preferred destinations chosen by travelers.

The booklet “Women around the world: a guide to traveling on your own” is free and available for download in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. Anyone interested in the content just access

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