Don't know how to speak Italian and are you going to travel to Italy? A Portuguese-speaking tour guide can make your visit much easier

THE Italy is one of the most desired destinations by Brazilians and it doesn't happen by accident. After all, the country has many tourist attractions interesting and that please the most diverse types of tourists. Who doesn't want to try traditional Italian cuisine, take a boat trip in the country, or visit world-famous sights such as the Coliseum and Vatican City?

However, the language can be a barrier for those who want to know the country in depth and do not know how to speak Italian. As anywhere in the world, it is very likely that a person who can speak English will be able to communicate well in the main tourist centers of the country. Also, Italians are very nice people and always try to help tourists. Even so, when we visit a country and don't know the local language, there's always an insecurity, isn't it?

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Nobody wants to run the risk of getting the wrong information, getting lost or not being able to get to that tourist attraction they've dreamed about on time. Fortunately, there are companies like Elmocar that offer more comfort and security for Brazilians who are visiting Italy. The agency, which has more than 20 years of experience in the sector, offers private drivers and Portuguese speaking tour guides.  

Portuguese speaking guide in Italy

Pomegranate. Photo: Diliff / Wikimedia Commons

In addition to transporting thousands of people every year, through transfer and city tour services in luxury cars, the company also carries out tours of the main cities in Italy. THE Elmocar is a family business that stands out for its personalized service and the quality offered to each of its customers. To hire professionals who know how to speak Portuguese offers more safety and practicality, and also makes the trip more interesting as they will be able to tell several stories about this country of such rich culture and unique historical importance.

Portuguese speaking guide in Italy

Venice. Photo: danielchomiak6 / Pixabay

The company works with an impeccable fleet of vehicles and all its drivers can speak portuguese and are prepared to accompany you during your trip. The agency is ideal for anyone, whether with a family or a group of friends, who want to enjoy the tourist attractions of this wonderful country with tranquility and safety.

Portuguese speaking guide in Italy

Milan. Photo: CEphoto / Wikimedia Commons

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Guide in Portuguese in Italy
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