Instituto Inhotim, in Minas Gerais, is the largest open-air museum in the world and is among the most coveted attractions in the state. The place receives thousands of art lovers to check out the incredible collection spread throughout the institute's green area

THE Inhotim is undoubtedly one of the most important centers of contemporary art in Brazil. Space is basically a mixture of contemporary art museum and Botanical Garden with an area corresponding to 110 hectares. It contains around 500 works by over 97 artists of different nationalities. In addition, there are more than twenty art galleries with unique and different architectural projects, spread throughout the beautiful garden.


The Institute was created by businessman Bernardo Paz in the 1980s. Initially, in 1984, landscape designer Roberto Burle Max visited the area and, in addition to making some suggestions, also collaborated with the gallery's gardens. Since then, the landscaping project has gone through several changes and started to become a great cultural space. In addition to a Contemporary Art Center, The Inhotim is a Botanical Garden that has more than 4,500 native and exotic species.

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Among palm trees, flowers and lakes, visitors can walk through permanent and itinerant galleries, some of which are open-air, undeniably becoming a perfect setting that unites art and nature. In this sense, if you intend to get to know the installations well and at least go through all the works calmly, it is recommended to visit them in at least two days, since the amount of works in the collection is gigantic.

The institute has not only several cafeterias, but also two really cool restaurants. Each option offers something different and you can find them scattered throughout the park. Surprisingly, the Oiticica restaurant is very spacious and modern and has a buffet by the kilo, which is why it has more affordable prices. The Tamboril restaurant is a little more refined, with more elaborate options.

In summary, there are three routes to go through inside the institute and discover the galleries and works scattered throughout the park. All paths are demarcated by colors that help the visitor to each area of the museum: orange, yellow and pink. At the entrance to the park each visitor also receives a map of the attraction, another option is to download it at PDF on the official website of Inhotim.

Inhotim attractions


Instituto Inhotim, in Minas Gerais, offers a lot of culture for visitors. Photo: Pedro Vilela / MTur

Narcissus Garden

The set of shiny steel spheres that float in an immense flooded area reflects the entire scenery of the landscapes that surround this little piece of the gallery. The attraction is very close to the institute's reception, on the roof of the Burle Marx Educational Center and was designed by renowned Japanese artist and writer Yayoi Kusama.

of mud blade

The curious, fully mirrored, geometrically shaped gallery is immersed in the garden's trees and houses works by the American artist Matthew Barney.

Olafur Eliasson

In the work of Olafur Eliasson, the visitor is invited to handle a kind of giant kaleidoscope pointing to different landscapes of the institute and watch the scenery transform into totally geometric images, formed by the reflection of six mirrors in hexagonal shape.

Sonic Pavilion

For sure, this is one of the most fascinating galleries in Inhotim. In it, the artist Doug Aitken installed 8 microphones in a hole over 200 meters deep, emitting the sounds of the earth in an acoustic room with a panoramic view of the place.

Luiz Zerbini

Elements such as color, depth, shadow, perspective and light create visual games in the exhibition “Amor Lugar Comum”. In all, the space houses 9 works carried out by Luiz Zerbini in the last decade.

the killerto the crows

In Murder of the Crows, Janet Cardiff recounts a disturbing dream with the help of 98 loudspeakers, supported and hung in a common space.

Cildo Meireles Gallery

With pieces that address political and social themes and issues, the carioca Cildo Meireles has nothing less than a space dedicated to his works created using different techniques and materials.

Adriana Varejao Gallery

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful buildings in the museum. In it are concentrated different works that show the diversity of interests of the artist

Internal transport within Inhotim


Instituto Inhotim, Minas Gerais, has internal transport. Photo: Pedro Vilela / MTur

The climate in this region of Minas Gerais is mostly hot. Of course, choose to walk in comfortable and light clothes and prevent dehydration by drinking plenty of water and using sunscreen. For people who have limited mobility problems or families with small children, an alternative to enjoy the park's attractions in a more comfortable way is to use internal transport, made in those carts that are often used on golf courses. In addition, the service is free (with limited time) and needs to be booked in advance.

On the other hand, this service can also be hired. The value for using the equipment is R$28, children under five years of age are exempt. If you still decide on a more exclusive service, it is possible to rent a car for a group of up to five people throughout the visit period for R$500.

Guided tours

HIInhotim institute also offers guided tours every day from 11 am to 2 pm. However, spaces are very limited, only 25 people per day, and can be guaranteed directly at the park reception.

How to get to Inhotim


Instituto Inhotim, Minas Gerais, stands out as an easily accessible attraction. Photo: Pedro Vilela / MTur

THE museum is located in the municipality of Brumadinho just 60 km away from the Minas Gerais capital Belo Horizonte. The easy access to the space makes the attraction a great option for a day trip for those who want to know the historic buildings and parks of BH, albeit on a quick trip through the city.

By car

Those who want to visit the museum with their own or rented vehicle should take the BR 381 (Fernão Dias) towards São Paulo to the municipality of Brumadinho. There are approximately 60 km that separate the two cities. However, visitors leaving Ouro Preto faced 110 km of the BR 040 towards Rio de Janeiro.

By bus

The company Saritur offers bus departures from the Belo Horizonte Bus Station to Instituto Inhotim. Departures operate from Tuesday to Sunday, with departure time at 8:30 am and return at 4:30 pm. The ticket can be purchased with a credit card on the Saritur website or in person (in cash or debit) at the company's window at the bus station.

Instituto Inhotim also offers a shuttle service in shared vans. Transport takes place on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, at a cost of R$ 60 per person, round trip. Boarding the van takes place at 8:15 am at Loja do Inhotim in BH (R. Antônio de Albuquerque, 909) and returns at 5:30 pm. The purchase must be made at least 24 hours in advance by calling (31) 3571-9795 or (31) 99737-6366 or at the store.

Taxi or Uber

The Taxi or Uber option can be another valid option. The value is usually between R$ 200 and R$ 300 from downtown Belo Horizonte. This is an alternative for those looking for a faster and more private service, especially in groups of friends with up to 4 people, since the value will be equivalent to the value of the bus.

As Brumadinho does not offer many taxi and Uber options, a tip is to arrange the return trip with the same driver beforehand.

Best time to visit Inhotim

The weather in Brumadinho is basically good, with mild temperatures reaching an average annual temperature of 21°C, with a maximum of 27°C and a minimum of 17°C.

The region usually receives a lot of rain between the months of November and March. During this time, always have a raincoat to make the most of the space without worrying about bad weather.

The perfect period for visiting is the months from June to August, when the weather is cooler and the chances of rain are lower. A good time is also the months from March to May and from September to November, when the sun appears frequently but not intensely. Anyone who likes to do this type of tour without many people avoid holidays and weekends.

Useful information


Inhotim Institute – Minas Gerais. Photo: Roberto Castro / Mtu

THE Inhotim open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 to 16:30. The ticket price is R$44.00 (full price) and admission is free every Wednesday. Tickets for visiting the park can be purchased online (Click here). However, to explore the entire museum calmly, taking advantage of all the galleries, it takes at least 2 days.

The museum is usually more crowded on weekends, holidays and on Wednesdays, which are open to free visits. Therefore, during these dates it is recommended to buy your ticket in advance online and avoid long lines at the box office.

Address: Rua B, 20 – Brumadinho
Complement: Brumadinho
Telephone: 31 3571-9700 / 3571-6638 / 3223-8224
Email: [email protected]

Where to stay in Brumadinho

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