The Better Travel Guide, a tourism platform in the form of travel guide, started the year 2022 with news in celebration of the brand's 9 years, which will take place at the beginning of September.

Among the many novelties for tourists and readers who use the Guide to get information before and during their trips, the new video vertical will incorporate the youtube channel as another means of communication for the brand. 

The objective is to centralize different types of content produced by the company's communication and marketing team, as well as influencers and guests. Everything will also be integrated into the online guide, inserting the channel with embedded videos to make the articles even more complete.

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The newly launched channel will publish news, curiosities, ready-made itineraries, useful travel tips, main questions about the most visited destinations, interviews, inspirations and content to promote brands and destinations. 

These new formats will now be part of the company's portfolio, with the content direction being signed by the editors of Viajar Melhor. 

More travel tips for the reader

On social networks and on Google, where the brand has greater presence and reach, impacting more than 3 million people a month, video content will enter as an extra displayed on both networks (Instagram and Facebook), both from Better Travel Guide how much of Hotels Guide

“Our travel guide, the flagship here at the company, has reached more than 20 million tourists and around 76 million pages have been viewed to date, and it is gratifying to know that millions of people have been helped in some way. With Youtube, we are also very confident in guaranteeing great numbers soon”, says Gustavo Albano, editor and CEO of Guia Viajar Melhor.

More interactivity and a new way of connecting the news with the final reader, including serving as a new space for the production and exhibition of content for the brands of the trade and tourist destinations.

The editorials cover topics on tourism, leisure, culture, tips, inspirations and light conversations about the world of travel, in a channel that seeks to humanize the communication of Viajar Melhor with the reader.

“Bringing the public inside the Guia newsroom and also showing our articles in a different way, helping even more tourists, was the way we found to adapt to the new languages and positioning that the moment requires”, says Luan Carvalho, partner and strategy director of Guia Viajar Melhor and MediaTouris.

New travel guides

In the restructuring planned for this year, which was already planned by the company, Gustavo Albano will remain as general director of the brand and new business of the group, taking care of the teams that assume the B2C and B2B areas, while Luan Carvalho will continue as director of content and strategy for the the group's brands, which already plans to expand its portfolio with new own brands, including one in the collaborative style, a travel guide published in English. 

The videos were made in partnership with Olofocus Productions, with direction and editing by Murilo Ferrari and presentation by Giuly Biancato, Lucca Lemos and several other names not yet revealed. 

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