The demand of tourists to perform hair transplant surgery in Turkey is increasing. Take advantage of the trip to discover the beauties of the country

THE Turkey It is a fantastic country that brings together almost everything that a traveler dreams of finding: incredible cities, exotic landscapes, good beaches and great cuisine. However, in addition to its natural beauties and its rich cultural and historical legacy, Turkey has also attracted tourists for another reason: hair transplants.

The procedure, from according to the newspaper El País, attracts more than 65,000 foreigners a year who take advantage of the low costs compared to other destinations. To give you an idea, the prices practiced in Istanbul, the Turkish city that receives the most tourists in search of hair transplants, cost up to six times less than in European cities and the United States. In addition, Turkey is a reference in these surgeries, presenting some of the most advanced techniques in the world.

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THE guide in turkey is a receptive tourism agency and after the great demand for this service, it is providing advice for a clinic in Istanbul. It performs all the intermediation between the client and the clinic and provides all the necessary support before, during and after the surgery. In addition, the procedure ends up becoming a great opportunity to travel and get to know more about the tourist destinations in turkey.

How does hair transplant work in Turkey?

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THE hair transplant in Turkey is performed in a procedure known as FUE. That is, it consists of extracting healthy hair follicles from the back of the neck or other parts of the body to implant them in the upper part of the head, the region most affected by baldness.

In the case of the agency guide in turkey, the step-by-step guide for anyone wishing to have a hair transplant in the country is as follows: still in Brazil, the agency requests very clear photos of the entire bald area and also of the back of the neck, which would be the donor area, for a pre- medical evaluation. Subsequently, it is analyzed by the staff of the clinic in Istanbul whether the patient is in good condition and will have a successful outcome.

Remembering that Brazilians do not need a visa for Turkey. They only need a passport valid for 6 months from the date of entry into the country.

Tickets are issued according to the dates agreed by the company Turkey Brasil Turismo, which is located in the south zone, an upscale region of São Paulo. With the tickets purchased, all the necessary reservations are made in addition to the surgery. Such as accommodation, transfer services and Turkish-Portuguese interpreter.

The travel itinerary follows the following itinerary:

On the first day, the patient who will undergo a hair transplant in Turkey arrives at Istanbul Airport. You will have a receptionist waiting in front of the agreed meeting point, with a sign with your name on it. The agency professional takes the patient to the hotel, assisting with check-in.

On the second day, after being hosted, the clinic driver picks up the patient at the hotel and takes him to the clinic, starting the blood tests and preparations for the surgery. The doctor prepares your frontal line and draws the parts that will receive the transplant. Local anesthesia is performed on the donor part and on the recipient part. The surgery lasts 6 to 8 hours and does not require hospitalization, as it is a low-complexity and low-risk method.

On the third day, the patient will have a return visit to the clinic for the doctor's guidance indicating the postoperative care. The information is translated with the support of an agency employee.

On the fourth day, transfer to the airport for the return flight. The surgery package already includes three nights of accommodation in Istanbul to carry out the entire treatment.

For those who have more doubts about the surgery, the guide in turkey prepared a very complete material. There is a lot of information about hair implants in the country, which you can access clicking here.

What are the advantages of having a hair implant in Turkey?

Plastic surgery has made strong strides in Turkey in recent years, due to government stimulus to the health and tourism industry. With well-prepared professionals and modern facilities, the country has stood out and has become a reference in hair transplants. Surprisingly, it often offers more advanced techniques than the United States itself.


One of the reasons that attracts so many interested in hair transplants in Turkey, without a doubt, is the cost of the surgery, which varies between 2 and 3 thousand euros. This is thanks to the cost of labor and infrastructure, which are lower in the country.

In the case of the agency guide in turkey, the value is 1,900 dollars, including accommodation in a 5-star hotel and breakfast included, all transfers to the hotel and airport, complete blood test, PRP, medication kit and necessary medicines with treatment for 5 days, washing kit with a durability of approximately 15 days and an interpreter who speaks Portuguese.

In addition to the advantageous price, another positive point is that the agency offers packages for those who want to take the opportunity to tour the region and get to know this country that is rich in stories and beauties. Like its grandiose mosques, the famous Grand Bazaar, a walk through Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait (the canal that separates East from West).

A visit to Pamukkale, where there are natural pools, the great Trojan horse or even a beautiful balloon ride in Cappadocia. The agency guide in turkey has been in the market since 2006, specializing in receiving Brazilians in the country. It offers customized packages according to the profile of each client. Get your hair transplant in Turkey.

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