Know what is allowed in your hand luggage and plan your suitcase in advance

At the time to plan air travel it is common for passengers to question themselves about what can be carried in a carry-on bag, after all, there are many product restrictions and not paying attention to them can mean having extra expenses.

On the other hand, there is also a huge range of products that can travel with you in the cabin, as long as some rules are respected.

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After all, what can I take in my carry-on bag?

before you know what is allowed in a carry-on bag, it is important to know that it corresponds to a volume of up to 10 kg and a maximum of 115 centimeters, considering height, width and depth. With this information, you can already see what you can put in the compartment above your seat or under the seat in front of you. A mega blender whose packaging is huge, for example, needs to be shipped.

See below for some types of products that can be carried in hand luggage:

Home appliances

The aforementioned blender can easily be carried with you, as long as it meets the weight and measurement requirements. The same is true for other appliances, such as mixers and coffee makers.


Cell phones, notebooks, cameras and tablets can also go in the cabin, properly stored inside your suitcase or backpack.

personal items

Your documents and other personal items are items that make up hand luggage, not to mention that they can be indispensable in the cabin. If you check out your glasses, for example, you might miss them when reading or watching something on the plane.


Those who are taking medication don't have to worry about spending hours traveling, as they can be carried in a carry-on bag. Make sure you take only what you need and don't forget your doctor's prescription with your name on it. If it is a type of medicine that does not need a prescription, it is allowed to ship with a maximum of 100 ml.

infant feeding

Infant food items, such as baby food and milk stored in bottles, also fall into this context, as long as they are in sufficient quantity only for the duration of the flight.

Musical instruments

As long as they do not exceed 10 kg and 115 cm, they can be included as hand baggage no problem.


Concerning carry liquids in hand luggage, the rules change according to the destination. If you go to a Brazilian city, you can have up to 2 liters in the cabin, with bottles that do not exceed 500 ml. For international flights, it is allowed to transport only one bottle of up to 100 ml in specific packaging.

For beverages, the rule is that the packages are sealed by the manufacturer and, if they are alcoholic, they cannot exceed 5 liters per passenger of legal age, with each volume having a maximum of 1 liter.

There are many others items that can be carried in hand luggage, and you can always find out more about it directly in the ANAC website or your airline. Before traveling, be sure to also research which products need to be dispatched and which cannot be transported on aircraft, as this information can be very useful.

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