a luxurious Hard Rock hotel in Fortaleza, at the Ceará, will be the first to be opened in Brazil. The hotel will be located in Paraipaba, on Praia da Lagoinha. The brand promises that this will be the first of eight hotels that will be implemented in the country. The structure will be grandiose, with a helipad, 46 elevators and enough energy for 30,000 inhabitants due to the use of technology.

The Hard Rock hotel chain also operates casinos in some parts of the world. With the possible legalization of this activity under discussion in the country, there is also the possibility that the same will occur here. Currently in activity for gamblers in Brazil there are only betting at online casinos that pay fortunes to its winners.

The other hotels in the chain that will be implemented in Brazil are located in Paraná, São Paulo, Campos do Jordão, Foz do Iguaçu, Natal, Recife and Jericoacoara.

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The complex that will be inaugurated in Ceará later this year is gigantic and impressive. In addition to its 180 m2 of area, it has direct access to the beach, areas for events, concert arenas, two water parks, five restaurants, courts and bars. If the project that legalizes betting is approved, the casino would also be one of the activities of Hard Rock Fortaleza.

It does not stop there. There will also be shops, kids' area, music recording studios, and the aforementioned helipad, which will facilitate the transfer from Fortaleza airport to the hotel, as it is located about 100 kilometers from the capital.

The venture also promises to abuse technology, mainly related to sound and music, the main attraction of Hard Rock. The sound system promises to cover the entire hotel complex, including underwater sound in the pool.

Another network concern hard rock has been with the issue of sustainability. The network will have solar panels, reducing energy consumption by up to 80%.

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The apartments will all be delivered decorated and furnished to a luxury standard. The Hard Rock network works on a multi-ownership system where the user acquires a fraction of the property, being able to use it for 2 weeks of the year, and receiving passive income the rest of the year for the use of the apartment by other people. The owner can also exchange their two-week use at the hotel for use at any other hotel in the chain anywhere in the world.

The decoration of the hotel also does not neglect the characteristic of the relationship with Rock, which so often accompanies the brand. The promise is that items from world rock memorabilia will also be present at the Fortaleza unit. Among the more than 300 objects that will compose the decoration of the hotel in Ceará, there is the promise of a guitar by the band Bom Jovi, a drum set by Guns N' Roses, in addition to dresses by Shakira and Rihanna. It is estimated that the cost of bringing these items to Brazil alone exceeds 7 million reais, involving not only the cost of the items, but also their transport, insurance, assembly and logistics.

If you are one of the lovers of luxury hotels and rock and roll, you can get ready to live a amazing experience in Ceará next year.

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