Offered by Airbnb, tour takes in famous locations from the Harry Potter films in London such as Diagon Alley and Leaky Cauldron

You're Harry Potter fan and always wanted to visit the places that appear in the films of the saga? Well, a tour created by the Airbnb platform promises to take tourists to some real locations of the productions in London.

The tour is offered in the “experiences” tab of the platform by a user named Oliver, a big fan of the franchise who lives in the English capital. The walk is carried out at night, all to make the climate more similar to the wizarding universe. The guide also makes a point of always showing an image of the places as they appear in the movies so that visitors can compare.

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Photo: Pixabay

Among the places visited is the Leadenhall Market, market that gave life to the famous Diagon Alley, the main shopping street in the magical world of feature films. In addition, it is also possible to visit the bar that characterized the witches' restaurant Leaky Cauldron.

In addition, the tour includes classic places, such as King's Cross train station, where witches go through the wall of platform 9¾ to catch the train to Hogwarts.


Photo: Pixabay

The value of the tour starts from 18 pounds, which is equivalent to approximately 75 reais. However, those interested should pay attention to the dates and book in advance. At least for the next few months, all vacancies have already been filled.

To book and find out more information about the tour Click here.

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