Enjoy the best of Serra Catarinense by staying in these charming chalets in Urubici

You have to be very sensitive to know how to appreciate the typical cold of the southern region. In Santa Catarina the climate is temperate, with temperatures varying between 12° C and 16° C. In the months of June, July and August, the thermometers reach negative temperatures, and it may snow. The record minimum temperature in Brazil was -17.8°C at Morro da Igreja, in Urubici, registered on June 29, 1996.

The best thing to do is to be prepared for the weather by choosing a chalet from those you see in films set in Europe. We scoured the options to present a selection with the best cabins in Urubici so that no one says that the cold has knocked at your door.

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But first, let's get to know a little more about the region. After all, being in a chalet in Urubici it's almost like feeling in Switzerland. And the city is part of a tangle of special points known as Caminho das Neves.

Snow exerts a huge fascination among the inhabitants of tropical countries like Brazil. That's why the huts in Urubici are so sought after. And Santa Catarina has already been the scene of heavy snowfalls, which covered the state from the extreme west to the coast, with frequent occurrence of snow on the Santa Catarina plateau, in cities such as São Joaquim and Urupema (in addition to Urubici). Snow normally occurs between June and August, with cases of occurrence (very rare) already recorded in the months of April, May, September and October.

These circumstances made the state of Santa Catarina the best destination for snow in the country. All points on the Caminho das Neves, which includes, in addition to Urubici, the municipalities of Bocaína do Sul, Lages, Urupema, Bom Retiro, São Joaquim, Panel, Rio Rufino and Bom Jardim da Serra, have unmissable landscapes and tourist facilities. But it is Urubici, because it is the coldest of the ice creams, which attracts the most visitors.



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The municipality is located at an altitude of 918 meters in the Vale do Rio Canoas. It is known as the Land of Vegetables for being the largest producer of fruit and vegetables in Santa Catarina, standing out for the cultivation of apple and yerba mate, a basic product of the traditional mate and highly appreciated in Mercosur countries.

With landscapes that remember and owe nothing to Europeans, the highlight is the Morro da Igreja, with 1,822 meters of altitude, which allows you to see the entire southern coast of Santa Catarina. This is where Pedra Furada is located, a natural sculpture in the form of a window. Also noteworthy are the Serra do Corvo Branco, with primitive inscriptions in caves, the Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Grotto and the Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens.

White Crow Inn

chalets in urubici

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Created in May 2013, this guesthouse is located between the walls and curves of the Serra do Corvo Branco. “Pure air and preserved nature touch the soul of those who enjoy them. The mountains interspersed by the Rio Canoas valley make up a unique and very rare landscape in Brazil”, declares the official website.

The place offers a lot of green, trails and waterfalls for when the cold takes a break. It also has a wine cellar and a cinema room available. 28 kilometers from the inn is the Espraiado Canyon, rich in flora and fauna; 29.5 kilometers away is the Cascata do Avencal, a waterfall with 100 meters of free fall; and 18 kilometers away is Morro do Campestre, with a panoramic view of the Canoas River Valley, one of the most beautiful sunsets in Urubici.

accommodation in urubici

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Just choose your European country themed cabin: Norway, Russia, Canada, Latvia, Germany, Holland and Scotland, all with a glass-enclosed fireplace, hot tub and soundproofing, among others.

Prefer a non-European country theme? Experience the United States or China, with inclusive parking and original decorations.

other options

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If you don't care about decoration and prefer something more ordinary, there are two options. the first is the Pousada Encanto do Avencal, with a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a shower or spa bath. Includes breakfast with regional products.

The second is Pousada Cabanas Xokleng, with that typical North American cabin feel. The rooms have a patio overlooking the garden and breakfast is served in your chalet, suitable for those who do not give up privacy.

How to get

Serra do Corvo Branco is located between the cities of Urubici and Grão Pará, in a stretch of 57 km. The road is not fully paved for at least 10 kilometers, five at the top of the mountain range and five at the bottom.

Thirty kilometers separate Uribici and the mountains, of which 25 are paved and the remaining five are dirt. And with holes, so be prepared not to be taken by surprise.

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White Crow Inn

Rural Urubici – Estrada Geral Sta Tereza SN Cx68, Urubici – SC, 88650-000
Phone: +55 (49) 9 9150.8787
Official site

Pousada Encanto do Avencal

Contact Instagram: @pousadaebistroencantodoavencal
Pousada Cabanas Xokleng
Reservations through scheduling sites.

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