Check out six waterfalls to enjoy nature close to São Paulo. Good trip! 

Live in Sao Paulo and are you in the mood to cool off without going too far? In addition to the extensive coastline formed by different municipalities, the state of Sao Paulo also offers several waterfalls and freshwater baths scattered in different places. Therefore, here we separate 6 waterfalls to enjoy close to the capital.

Waterfalls in the State of São Paulo

Prumirim Waterfall – Ubatuba

For sure, the Prumirim Waterfall is one of the best known in Ubatuba. Its access is easy and can be done through a fast trail that lasts only 3 minutes. The route starts at kilometer 30 of the Rio – Santos highway. In addition, the waterfall is a sequence of wells with a path to Prumirim beach, where Prumirim Island is right in front of it. For sure, this is another famous stop among divers.

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Prumirim Waterfall - Ubatuba

Fumaça Waterfall – Paranapiacaba

The Fumaça waterfall is the best known among the waterfalls on the Paranapiacaba trails. This is because it is formed by several levels of rock, with a total of approximately 60 meters of fall. The volume of water varies throughout the year, but it can be another refreshing option close to the capital of São Paulo.

Fumaça Waterfall - Paranapiacaba

Grampos Waterfall – Paranapiacaba

Also in Paranapiacaba, the Grampos waterfall falls parallel to the Fumaça waterfall. Therefore, both have a very similar formation: several waterfalls are formed during the course, because between them there is a fall bordering more than 60 meters in height.

Grampos Waterfall - Paranapiacaba

Funil Waterfall – Itanhaém

The Funil waterfall is about 50 meters high and is located between the municipalities of Embu Guaçu and Itanhaém, surrounded by closed native forest. As a result, it is formed by two drops and a central potion located at the bottom, forming a great diving spot.

Funil Waterfall - Itanhaém

Paradise Waterfall – Peruíbe

The Paraíso waterfall, on the Itinguçu river, descends in the form of a step, reaching 17 meters in a gradual fall. There you will also find the Tobogã do Paraíso, a drop that slides down to the natural pool, in the middle of Serra dos Itatins. Finally, the waterfall is located inside the Juréia Ecological Station, in Itatins, and access is via the Guaraú – Una road.

Paraiso Waterfall - Peruíbe

Itambé Waterfall – Cassia dos Coqueiros

Finally, the Itambé waterfall is formed by an 84-meter high wall with a high-volume waterfall. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in SP, located in the municipality of Cássia dos Coqueiros. Want to spend a day in nature? Well, this can certainly be your next destination.

Itambé Waterfall - Cassia dos Coqueiros

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Photos: Sergio Goncalves, Ricardo J Carvalho, Desviantes, Manoel Moraes, Miguel Schincariol.

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