History and a lot of charm can be found in historic cities near São Paulo

Built during the colonial period, some historical cities scattered by state of São Paulo without a doubt, they preserve a rich heritage and a lot of charm for their cobbled streets. After all, they are mansions, farms, churches and well-preserved buildings that rescue characteristics of the time and reveal themselves to be true open-air museums.

Therefore, some of these cities are very close to the capital and are perfect options for a cultural tour to enjoy on a weekend. Check out historic cities very close to Sao Paulo to know:

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Historic cities in the State of São Paulo

Santana do Parnaíba 


Santana do Parnaíba has many elements from the past. Photo: Heitor1977dc/ Wikimedia Commons

In fact, strolling through the historic center of Santana do Parnaiba, in the Tietê River valley, it's like stepping back in time. The city that is part of the important Historic Route of the Bandeirantes, has more than 200 old buildings built between the 12th and 19th centuries. One of them is the Church of Santa Ana, one of the symbols of the city. In addition, it is also possible to visit the Anhanguera Museum, the only remnant of a seventeenth-century urban bandeirista house.

Sao Luiz do Paraitinga


São Luís do Paraitinga is one of the historic cities close to São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure

Known for its carnival full of traditional marchinhas, Sao Luiz do Paraitinga undeniably, it had to get back on its feet after a devastating flood that hit the city in 2010. Nothing, however, shook the charm of the charming town, which is full of narrow streets and colonial mansions from the 17th century. In this way, the Mother Church and the Chapel of Mercês are a must-see on a tour of the historic center.

banana plantation


Bananal is one of the cities that say a lot about the history of São Paulo. Photo: Photo Alesp

Located in the far east of the state of Sao Paulo, banana plantation maintains a preserved historic center with narrow cobbled streets and places like Church of the Lord of Bonfim, from the 19th century, an old Train station and one of the oldest active pharmacies in Brazil. In addition, in the municipality it is possible to visit old coffee farms with their huge colonial-style mansions.



Santos is one of the main historic cities near São Paulo. Photo: Hotel Chácara do Mosteiro

THE Historic Center of Santos brings together a series of buildings and monuments that have witnessed various phases of the history of the Brazil, mainly related to the arrival of coffee to the state of São Paulo. THE Coffee Museum, for example, presents visitors with data and information about the history of the drink in Brazil and around the world. It is also worth going through the old streets of the city aboard the Santos cable car, that is, a true trip to the past.



Cunha stands out for its small historic center. Photo: Disclosure

Known for concentrating several natural attractions, the city of Wedgein the Vale do Paraíba in São Paulo, it also has a charming historic center. Despite being small, the space has several well-preserved buildings that reveal a little of the city's past. Therefore, a tip is to go for a walk along the boardwalk to enjoy the local atmosphere, have a coffee and visit the Mother Church.



Guaratinguetá has a historic center close to São Paulo. Photo: Zééh.mané/ Wikimedia Commons

land of Frei Galvão, Guaratinguetá without a doubt, it has a historic center that deserves to be visited. city landmark, the St. Anthony's Cathedral it has altars and images in the Baroque style dating from the 18th century. With great architectural value, it was in this church that Frei Galvão not only was he baptized, but he also fulfilled his religious life. In the historic center it is still possible to visit the Frei Galvão Museum and the Cwing of Frei Galvão.



Itatiba stands out historically in the production of coffee in São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure

Itatiba, just over 90 km from Sao Paulo, has its history linked to the state's coffee production. In this way, old coffee-producing farms open their doors to tourists and even offer accommodation, where visitors can be enchanted by the giant mansions of the early 19th century, residence of the coffee barons. So, don't miss out on the Fazenda Vila Rica, from 1860, and the Dona Carolina Farm, from 1872.


Itu is another symbol of the coffee trade in São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure

The city of Itu also played an important role in the coffee trade in the state of Sao Paulo and houses several farms that are true open-air museums. These places revive memories and present the history of the heyday of the drink in the region along with beautiful landscapes. Some of them, like the Chácara do Rosário and the Capoava Farm, they offer a lot of hospitality and homemade lunch prepared in a wood-fired oven.

Monte Alegre do Sul

Monte Alegre do Sul has buildings and is one of the historic cities close to São Paulo. Photo: Chsalgado/ Wikimedia Commons

Charming and pleasant, the preserved historic center of Monte Alegre do Sul, which is less than a two-hour drive from the capital, is home to historic buildings built in the second half of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. On a walk you can see old houses built in rammed earth and mud bricks, as well as places like the PBom Jesus race it's the Bom Jesus Sanctuary, with emphasis on its architectural beauty.  


Canenéia is one of the main historic cities near São Paulo. Photo: Manufacturadeideas/ Wikimedia Commons

Very close to the Sao Paulo how Paraná, in the extreme south of the coast of São Paulo, is Canaanite. Considered one of the oldest villages in Brazil, it has a dense area of untouched nature and a charming and colorful historic center. There are several houses from the end of the 18th century built with sand, oyster lime and whale oil. Still in the colonial setting is the Church of São João Batista, built by the Jesuits in 1577.

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