Check out activities to enjoy in four days on a Holiday in Brotas, a great suggestion to enjoy a long holiday in the city 

Certainly, whenever the opportunity arises for a long holiday to take advantage of, like Corpus Christi, we go in search of nearby and interesting places to plan a quick trip.

Undoubtedly, for those who live in the State of São Paulo or in the capital itself, there is a destination that includes attractions for all ages and preferences. And that pleases from those who prefer to venture into extreme sports to those who just want to rest and contemplate nature. It is about city of brotas, a perfect retreat for a long holiday getaway.

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Surrounded by mountains, rivers and rich vegetation, Brotas is a true paradise for lovers of extreme sports and offers almost endless attractions for those who are addicted to emotion. In addition, the city has a wide and prepared hotel chain to suit all tastes and pockets, charming gastronomic spaces and lots of fun.

Route in Brotas

Day 1 – Sand that Sings


Sand That Sings. Photo: Better Travel Guide

First of all, on this first day in Brotas, get to know one of the most surprising places in the city, the spring Sand That Sings. Located inside a farm hotel of the same name, the site can be accessed through a three-hour guided tour. This tour includes trails, river bathing and a natural whirlpool. In addition, the giant spring of crystalline waters is a boiling point in the heart of São Paulo and floating in its waters is a unique experience. Surprisingly, the water holes of the natural pool can squirt 70,000 liters of water per hour.

But the name has an explanation. The sand at the bottom of the kettle is mixed with very fine quartz grains that, when rubbed together, resemble the sound of a cuíca. In addition to the walk to the spring, the space has a large circuit on the farm that offers ecotourism activities, such as horseback riding and zip-line, as well as a small farm, natural pool, and bird watching. among others. Those staying at Areia que Canta have access to attractions, but the place also offers a day use system, where visitors can enjoy all the activities. Finally, the place has a great restaurant that offers typical food from the farm.

Alameda Catharina

Alameda Catharina. Photo: Disclosure

During the night, to enjoy a funky atmosphere with several gastronomic options, a tip is to stop by Alameda Catharina, a shopping center located on the main street of the city. That's because the space has amazing places. O Guadalupe, a Mexican restaurant; the Brotas Beer pub, which offers several beer labels and a delicious barley cake; Da Roça, which offers generous traditional snacks from Brotas; and, finally, Catharina Café & Sorvete, where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and delicious gelattos.

Day 2 – Recanto das Cachoeiras

Recanto das Cachoeiras - Brotas

Nook of the Waterfalls. Photo: Better Travel Guide

The second day of this route through Brotas, it's time to visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the city and enjoy other activities in Recanto das Cachoeiras. This is because it is a complex located in an area with the largest remaining native forest in the municipality. With an excellent infrastructure, the space works only with the day use system, where it is possible to walk the trails and access beautiful waterfalls for a unique price per person. Finally, another newly opened attraction is an incredible infinity pool with a view of the beautiful mountains of the region.

Furthermore, among the activities of Nook of the Waterfalls  there are trails aboard an ATV, tree climbing, zip lining and horseback riding. The park has four waterfalls, the main ones being Santo Antônio, 20 meters high, and Roseira, with an impressive drop of 55 meters. The trails are self-guided and easily accessible, even for people with reduced mobility. Finally, Recanto das Cachoeiras has several viewpoints to enjoy the view of the region and a restaurant with a fixed price and typical food from the farm.

CEU Foundation - Brotas

CEU Foundation. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Following the itinerary, during the night there is a tour reserved for those who like astronomy. THE CEU Foundation (Center for Universe Studies), which is located inside the Brotas Eco Resort complex, is a center for the dissemination of science and astronomy. Therefore, on site, it is possible to observe the sky through two modern telescopes where monitors teach how to identify planets and better understand the universe. With luck and if the weather is good, the experience is very interesting. But otherwise, there is also a digital planetarium that features projections of the sky.

Day 3 – Cassorova Ecopark

Cassorova Ecopark

Cassorova Ecopark. Photo: Better Travel Guide

The third day of the Brotas holiday itinerary is dedicated to getting to know the attractions of the Cassorova Ecopark, which houses the waterfall of the same name, elected by Travel and Tourism as one of the 8 most beautiful waterfalls in Brazil. However, another incredible waterfall is also located within the complex, that of the Coatis. Accessed by a 1500-meter trail, surrounded by Atlantic Forest and with several viewpoints, the beautiful 46-meter free fall forms a natural pool.


Cassorova Ecopark. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Cassorova Waterfall, the city's postcard, is accessed by a 200-meter self-guided trail, in a safe and quiet path. Surprisingly, the imposing 60-meter high fall impresses with its beauty and strength. For the brave, two panoramic zip lines take visitors across the waterfall at a height of 110 meters. In addition, there is a suspension bridge that provides a privileged view of the place and a lot of butterflies in the stomach.

Sprouts Bar

Sprouts Bar. Photo: Better Travel Guide

For sure, during the night, a tip is to visit the Sprouts Bar, a great gastronomic tribute to the city. Built in a century-old mansion in the center of Brotas, it still preserves the old structure in a themed environment that pays homage to the city's adventure sports, especially rafting. In addition, on the ceilings, kayaks light up the environment and a large table in the shape of a boat, ideal for gathering friends. Apart from the special decoration, the dishes are delicious and neat. Therefore, the suggestion is to order the portion of drumsticks as a starter, the filet mignon with parmesan crust and lemon risotto for the main course and, for dessert, a delicious trio of puddings.

Day 4 – Poção Ecopark

Poção Ecopark

Poção Ecopark. Photo: Better Travel Guide

On the last day of this route through Brotas, the adventure continues – and there is a lot of adrenaline ahead. Therefore, the tip is to book a tour of the Poção Ecopark, a complex that brings together various activities for the whole family. Where it is possible to practice, for example, floating in the river, buoy cross, tree climbing and the famous rafting. A novelty of the place is the Sky Rider, the first zip-line in curves in Latin America that is more than 400 meters long, going through trees and sharp curves.

Another zip line, nicknamed “Voo do Poção”, travels over 1000 meters over the Jacaré River in a path full of emotion and adrenaline. The place also offers a buffet restaurant with several typical dishes from the countryside that are grown there.

All Poção activities are audited by Alaya, a company that is a reference for its quality standard in security management, including abroad. In addition, there are several options for day use packages on site, some with lunch included.

Where to stay in Brotas?

Brotas Eco Resort

Brotas Eco Resort. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Brotas Eco Resort

With a farmhouse style, but without losing the comfort of a resort, the Brotas Eco Resort allows you to experience the routine and tranquility of the countryside. The space offers a schedule of activities that guests can enjoy daily. In addition, it has a complete accommodation structure and excellent cuisine. Therefore, it is a perfect space that guarantees fun for the whole family.

Hotel Fazenda Areia Que Canta

Located within the complex Sand That Sings, the hotel provides guests with free access to the two available tourist circuits, taking advantage of all the leisure, gastronomy and nature activities. Finally, the accommodation offers spacious and well-equipped rooms with a balcony and lake views.

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