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The new year is coming and every Brazilian traveler is already keeping an eye on the calendar to find out what the perfect holidays to travel in Brazil in 2019. Well, next year will not have as many holidays as 2018, not as many possibilities to extend the days off, but programming correctly will give you the opportunity to hit the road and enjoy a lot.

In 2019, Brazilians will be able to count on five national holidays, as many dates fall on Saturday or Sunday. The best ones to plan a trip will be the Carnival, which will be on March 5th, a Tuesday, and Corpus Christi, which falls on a Thursday and, despite being an optional point, counts as a holiday in many cities in Brazil.

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The scenario is more optimistic for those who live in Sao Paulo since the city's birthday, celebrated on January 25th, falls on a Friday and the state holiday of the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932, celebrated on July 9th, will be on a Tuesday.

National holidays in 2019 

January 1 (Tuesday): New Year

March 5th (Tuesday): Carnival

April 19th: Good friday

April 21 (Sunday): Easter and Tiradentes

May 1 (Wednesday): world labor day

September 7 (Saturday): Independence of Brazil

October 12 (Saturday): Our Lady of Aparecida

November 2 (Saturday): Dead

November 15th (Friday): Proclamation of the Republic

December 25 (Wednesday): Christmas

Optional Points in 2019

March 4th: carnival monday

March 6: Ash Wednesday (optional point until 2pm)

June 20 (Thursday): Corpus Christi

October 28 (Monday): Public Servant Day

November 20 (Wednesday): Black conscience day

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