In an adapted version, Germany made available a plane in the Airbus A-310 model with a hospital structure to bed 44 patients

The Germans have a complete structure of doctors and one of the most efficient health services in Europe. More than 25,000 ICU beds are available to be used in extreme cases. Since the beginning of the possible global crisis, the country has been a reference in discussions on what measures the European Union should take in these cases.

The German government, brokered by Prime Minister Angela Merkel, chose to strictly follow all WHO recommendations, including making resources available to stabilize the economy and keep the population at home.

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In a recent mission, the country, considered the largest economy in Europe, began to seek patients of other nationalities to be treated in German hospitals. 

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Airbus A-310 was turned into a hospital in the sky. photo: Reuters

At air travel are being made using a Airbus A-310 fully adapted with 44 beds and a team of 25 doctors working full time. The structure aims to reduce the number of patients across Europe, acting directly where there are the greatest number of cases.

aviation airplane hospital from germany

Photos show the interior of the Airbus A-310 during a German mission. photo: Reuters

germany hospital plane

Countries begin to join forces to reduce impacts caused and crisis. photo: Reuters

The task force aims to help other countries that have the highest number of serious cases, such as Italy and gives France. In the images published by Metro UK, the efficiency of Germany's healthcare system is impressive, becoming a major global benchmark.

germany hospital plane

Germany organizes task force to search for patients in other countries. photo: Reuters

task force in germany

Structure has the support of 25 doctors. photo: Reuters

How is the health service in Germany 

Germany proved to be one of the countries most prepared for moments of crisis like the one we are experiencing. In addition to offering different facilities to avoid an economic collapse to its citizens, some measures were adopted to inhibit a greater number of spread there.

In cases that have been confirmed, the Germany showed a mortality rate of only 0,5%, while in Italy this figure reached 10% in the average of cases. THE Germany presented an extremely low rate when compared to other countries and now intends to replicate the treatments by sharing its medical staff to help other nations.

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