Hostel chain donates a day of food to needy people with every reservation made through the website or counter

Certainly, some companies have realized the importance of creating actions that strengthen the communities where they are inserted, thinking about practices that reduce inequality and the social impacts caused by the lack of efficient public policies.

For example, in Rio de Janeiro, the network El Misti Hostels, in partnership with the NGO Food Bank, donates a day of food to people living in socially vulnerable situations. That's because each reservation made directly through the company's website or at the reception, reverts an amount directed to the NGO. The proposal aims to apply part of the network's revenue and help low-income communities, representing one of the brand's social responsibility projects.

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El Misti Hostels

Hostel chain has units in Ipanema and Copacabana. Photo: Reproduction / El Misti

Where does your money go?

Certainly, consumers are more interested in companies that contribute to social causes and projects. Undoubtedly, this is a way of humanizing the work developed by these companies and bringing them closer to society as agents that provide real transformations.

Therefore, the NGO Food Bank receives the support of different entrepreneurs who seek to transform the reality of thousands of people in a creative and innovative way. In addition, understanding the importance of social responsibility in the corporate world brings numerous benefits. How, for example, it strengthens society as a whole, reduces inequality, improves the image of companies and, best of all, contributes to actions that help others.

Rio de Janeiro - Kobra

Mural Ethnicities, panel created by artist Kobra. Photo: Gustavo Albano

With four units spread across the South Zone carioca, the chain owns hostels in Ipanema and Copacabana. Together with other entrepreneurs, they also contribute to the project educate, a training program offered to young people and teenagers from Morro do Cantagalo, also in the south of Rio. The programs last one year and cover topics ranging from entrepreneurship, hospitality, management, administration, personal marketing, collaborative economy, etc.

Project's goal

The idea of the project is to show new perspectives to young people from needy communities, showing successful examples that restore the self-esteem of these teenagers. The business group's purpose is to teach and educate young people through recreational activities. In addition, this program acts as a complement to the school schedule of these adolescents.

This is because some concepts are taught that are not addressed in schools. For example: correct ways to prepare a resume, how to get a job, how to present yourself at a job interview, as well as important reflections on the job market and its countless possibilities for social transformation.

Finally, after being prepared, some of these young people get opportunities within the companies that contribute to the project. Training is offered on the routine of companies, hotel management, administration, among other corporate airlines. For sure, this is a great way to help these young people who are looking for a placement in the job market, in addition to improving their professional and personal experiences.

city Rio de Janeiro

A chain of hostels in Rio de Janeiro donates food for every reservation made. Photo: Gustavo Albano

NGO Food Bank

Founded in São Paulo, the NGO Banco de Alimentos creates numerous partnerships with Brazilian companies, collecting and distributing food for donations. The project collects food that is in perfect conditions of use and that has not been sold, processing and transforming this food into meals for needy communities. Certainly, the objective is clear: to reduce food waste in society and fight hunger for thousands of people.

How can I help this cause?

There are a few ways to help this project, which are:

Food industry companies – Producers, cooperatives and companies in the food industry can donate food in good condition that would otherwise be discarded.

Companies and individuals – They can be project supporters, donating a monthly amount or a single donation of any amount, as a form of contribution to civil society.

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