Discover all the attractions of the modern Hot Beach water park in Olímpia

olympia has established itself as one of the favorite destinations to rest and have fun with the family. The city, in the interior of São Paulo, has practically 365 days of sunshine a year, thermal waters that remain warm even in winter and two large water parks with several attractions.

The famous Thermas dos Laranjais and the most visited water park in Latin America and occupies an area of 300 thousand square meters with several radical toys. already the modern hot beach, opened in 2017, is the ideal place for families who want to rest and have many leisure and entertainment options available.

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THE hot beach It brings together attractions of different modalities, but it is the children who will undoubtedly take full advantage of everything the park has to offer. With a modern, relaxed and playful atmosphere, the park is an aquatic paradise with gastronomic variety, entertainment, safety and also technology, being the first to offer a computerized control of the water quality of the swimming pools that does not leave the skin or hair dry.

Another facility is a smart bracelet that records the payment of consumptions carried out inside the park through an approach system, avoiding carrying a wallet and other personal items that could interfere with the fun.

From a beach with coconut trees and white sand to a waterslide tower with four options for extreme descents, discover the coolest attractions in the world. Hot Beach Olympia.

Attractions to enjoy at Hot Beach

Photo: Hot Beach/ Publicity

Splash Show

At the Splash Show, one of the most popular attractions for the little ones, two giant suspended water buckets fill with water until it overflows. Children eagerly await the fun bath while enjoying the slides and shallow pools of the space.

Kids Slider 

Slider Kids is a space with several water slides in the ideal size for children. There are covered and open options and the pool is very shallow.

little island 

Little Island is a space that simulates an island, but here it is surrounded by the warm waters of a small river with a light current, ideal for children.

Aqua Brinke

Very playful and colorful, the space has several toys ideal for small children and babies. The maximum depth of the pool is 30 cm and there are several attractions for the little ones, including recreation teams to entertain the kids.

beach with waves

Hot Beach also has a beach with almost everything we can find on the coast: soft and white sand, a swimming pool with different types of waves, hundreds of coconut trees, sun loungers and kiosks. The beach offers three environments: Praia do Agito, Praia da Família and Praia Kids.

Yay River

This attraction can be seen almost everywhere in the park, as it is an extensive river where visitors can let themselves go by the currents with buoys. There are several points of embarkation and disembarkation, becoming a pleasant and fun way to move between the other attractions of Hot Beach. The entire route is monitored by lifeguards.


Irado is a tower of four extreme waterslides to adventure. Those who have the courage to face the attraction can choose between the descents with or without a buoy, closed or open, in different routes and full of surprises along the way. Whatever the choice, butterflies in the belly are guaranteed.

Poty Pipe

Hot Beach's most extreme attraction simulates a "U" shaped skate park, in a pendulum movement. The descent is carried out in a double buoy and with great speed.

hot tubs

For those who prefer to stay away from the extreme attractions and take the opportunity to rest in the warm waters of a hot tub, there are several of them scattered throughout the park. The experience is very relaxing and ideal for relieving stress.

Where to eat at Hot Beach

Photo: Hot Beach/ Publicity

food court

Hot Beach has a huge food court area with capacity for up to 800 people and a buffet system with a varied menu, with pasta, sandwiches, salads, grilled foods and much more.


For those who do not give up a practical and tasty option to satisfy their hunger, Hot Beach has a hamburger shop and several options of combos, in addition to special beers to accompany.

bars and kiosks

There are several bars and kiosks at Hot Beach Olímpia, from those that offer coconut water to those with drinks, snacks and portions. There are two options for bars, including the Bar Molhado which, in addition to drinks, also has barbecue, sandwiches and pizzas.

exclusive lounges

For those who want a little VIP spot in the middle of the park with different cuisine, the Santa Carolina Lounge and Red Stripe cabins offer a private and exclusive place with portions, salads, individual dishes, cocktails, wines and sparkling wines. The space is not included in the park access ticket and must be purchased separately.

Where to stay at Hot Beach

Photo: Better Travel Guide

The best option for those who want to stay close to the hot beach and the Hot Beach Resort. The accommodation is the first “foot in the sand” of Olímpia, as it is integrated with the water park and guests have free access to all attractions. With modern facilities, spacious rooms, restaurants and thermal pools, the resort also offers children's recreation and a full-board option, with breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Photos of Hot Beach attractions

Hot Beach. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Potty Pipe. Photo: Better Travel Guide

lazy river. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Children's space. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Angry. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Children's Space. Photo: Disclosure

Rest area. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Aerial view of Hot Beach. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Photo: Disclosure

+ Info:

hot beach 
Av. Gov. Adhemar Pereira de Barros, 1700 – Olympia
Phone: (17) 3279-1300
Opening hours: 9 am to 6 pm (closed on Mondays, except holidays and high season)

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