Discover how to get to know the Amazon in comfort and luxury at Mirante do Gavião Amazon Lodge, a hotel completely integrated with nature with very cozy facilities

Who said that to visit the Amazon rainforest, do you need to stay in a simpler way to enjoy nature? THE Gavião Viewpoint Amazon Lodge proves that it is possible discover the Amazon in comfort and luxury and, still, interact with the fauna and flora of the region.

With an architectural project fully integrated with the forest, the hotel is located on the banks of the Rio Negro and offers privileged views of all its environments. The accommodations are cozy and have balconies. In addition, the leisure areas have viewpoints that help to contemplate the landscape.

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This one luxury hotel in the amazon it is two hours from manaus, very close to an ecological reserve. In other words, with an ideal location for those who want to know this region of northern Brazil, in a profound experience of contact with the Amazon rainforest.  

If you are one of those people, check out our tips on Gavião Lookout and find out how discover the Amazon in comfort and luxury

You can discover the Amazon in luxury and comfort

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The architectural design of Mirante do Gavião hotel draws attention for its beauty and integration with the region's nature. Built with certified hardwood, the hotel has an original design and was designed by architect Patricia O'Reilly, from Atelier O'Reilly Architecture & Partners Sustainable Strategies. 

The structure of this hotel in the amazon includes ten luxurious suites, a restaurant, a swimming pool and three viewpoints spread throughout the area for contemplation of the landscape. It is close to Anavilhanas National Park, in an area rich in fauna and flora diversity. It is not difficult, for example, to find sloths when walking along the circulation platforms of Mirante do Gavião, in addition to seeing several birds. 

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The leisure area, which includes the swimming pool and the restaurant, is right in front of the Rio Negro. The dining room is completely open, which integrates the environment with the forest. CamuCamu Restaurant serves exotic dishes that combine regional products with contemporary western cuisine. It is led by chef Debora Shornik.

Get personalized service at this hotel in the Amazon

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THE Gavião Lookout occupies an area of 2 hectares in the middle of the forest and on the banks of the Rio Negro. Despite this, the place has only ten suites distributed in the area. The reason for the small number of accommodations is the personalized service that this hotel in the amazon offers its guests.

The suites are located in wooden chalets suspended on stilts and surrounded by greenery. They are not close to each other, which guarantees more privacy for the guest. And the common feature among all is the view of the forest and the Rio Negro.

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There are three categories: Family Suite, Luxury Suite and Comfort Suite. The Family Suite is reminiscent of a tree house: it is a two-story chalet built around a tree, with a terrace that serves as a gazebo. The accommodation accommodates up to six people and has a minibar, air conditioning, coffee table with armchairs and a safe. There are two Family Suites: Aritu and Castanheira.

The Luxury category has three suites, Macucu, Samaúma and Cumarú. More spacious than the others, these suites have a bathroom with hot tub, a mezzanine and a large balcony for contemplation of the view. In addition, one of its walls is a large window, which makes the environment brighter and allows you to enjoy the landscape from inside the room. These accommodations house up to four people.

Finally, the Comfort category has five suites: Aquariquara, Angelim, Itaúba, Paxiúba and Piquiá. All have balconies with hammocks, air conditioning, minibar, work desk and accommodate up to three beds. They are spacious and comfortable.

How to get to Mirante do Gavião

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Wants to know How to get to Mirante do Gavião? This one hotel in the amazon is located on the banks of the Rio Negro, in the municipality of Novo Airão, 184 kilometers from manaus. From the capital of Amazonas, where the nearest airport is located, it is possible to reach the hotel either by land or by river. 

By car, the route takes about two and a half hours and passes through highways AM-070 and AM-352. If you choose to charter a seaplane, the travel time is reduced to fifty minutes. THE Gavião Lookout It has its own pier to receive guests arriving on the Rio Negro.

What to know in the Amazon near Mirante do Gavião


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When staying at Mirante do Gavião, you will be in a privileged area of the Amazon, which brings together all that is best there: rich biodiversity in immense forests, the imposing Rio Negro and traditional communities.

In addition, if you visit the region between October and December, at the height of the ebb of the rivers, you will find in the municipality of Novo Airão an infinity of freshwater beaches, one more beautiful than the other. They are formed mainly in the Anavilhanas National Park and are accessible by boat. But the trip to these stretches of sand is well worth it.

It is worth noting, however, that these beaches are isolated and wild, so there is no infrastructure, such as drinks and snacks stalls and street vendors. They are perfect for those who want to enjoy without agglomerations. 

An interesting feature of these beaches is that the waters are warmer and transparent in the shallower parts, while the deeper parts are refreshing and dark.

The Anavilhanas National Park, where the freshwater beaches are located, is made up of more than 400 islands, 600 lakes and lagoons. Bathed by the waters of the Rio Negro, it is one of the best resorts to visit in the Amazon and the best: it is very close to Mirante do Gavião. 

To get an idea of the beauty of the park, it was elected one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. And, in addition to discovering the freshwater beaches, it is possible to hike through the forest, spot native animals and canoe through the igapós and streams in Anavilhanas.

Another tour that is much sought after by those visiting the region is the search for porpoises in their habitat in the murky waters of the Rio Negro. There is also the option to interact with these animals at the Botos Floating Station, on the edge of Novo Airão. 

Finally, enjoy your stay at Mirante do Gavião to get to know the Almerinda Malaquias Foundation, supported by the luxury hotel in the Amazon. It generates income for more than 40 artisan families with craft workshops for the reuse of pieces of wood and paper recycling. In addition, it maintains an environmental preservation school.

Did you see how the Mirante do Gavião hotel allows you to discover the Amazon in comfort and luxury? What are you waiting for, then, to plan your next trip there? Discover the Amazon rainforest in a different way and live an incredible experience.

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