Operating in an old colonial-style house, with well-decorated rooms and a strategic location, the boutique hotel is one of the most elegant places to stay in Paraty.

paraty is a pleasant city on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro, which was once the main gateway for the gold that went to Portugal during the colonial period. Today, this historic center has become a bustling part of the Rio de Janeiro coast. The city is host to major events such as the Paraty Literary Fair, FLIP, from the music festival MIMO, which only happens in Brazilian colonial cities, Paraty Cachaça Festival and a wide variety of art galleries, historical monuments and idyllic beaches. With so many attractions, it is essential to choose well where to stay in paraty, since the historic center, for example, does not allow the circulation of cars. Therefore, to stay well-hosted, one of the best options is the colonial house.

THE colonial house operates in a large colonial-style mansion, with its lush garden, and stands majestically on Rua Dona Geralda, one of the best located in the historic center of Paraty. The street is a tribute to Geralda, a famous personality of the old village, she was the daughter of a pirate and stole her own father to donate the money for the construction of the imposing cathedral with two towers, the Mother Church. Well located, the colonial house it is the best place to stay in Paraty. In a boutique hotel style, it has two spaces: the Simon's house and the Colonial House 12. Both interiors are beautifully decorated, with luxury and sophistication in every detail.

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colonial house Paraty

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At Simon's house, the first space of the boutique hotel, guests will be able to enjoy a delicious atmosphere, where history and good taste are embedded in wood, cabinets, crockery and books. In addition to the outdoor area that offers a lush garden and a balcony where a delicious breakfast is served near the pool. The common areas have a dining and living room, with classic furniture, beautiful paintings and ornaments that offer a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

As for the rooms, each one had its decoration signed by an artist of paraty. There are five rooms available for accommodation, it is decorated with works by the local watercolor painter, Andreas. The others take works and works by the prince and photographer Dom João, of Bananal Studio, one of the most famous in the city and lastly the suite that takes the works of Marcio Franco. The main suite received works by the famous Júlio Paraty, one of the most renowned local artists, who paints the festivities, traditions and religiosity of the city.

For those who want to stay in Paraty with privacy and the comfort of a hotel service, Colonial House 12 is the other establishment of the group, ideal for this profile. It is possible to rent the entire space of the house for the family. Mixing modern elements with local handicrafts and historic furniture, the house has a winter garden, high ceilings, a large kitchen and three suites. The VIP service is provided by a well-trained team, which works primarily in Portuguese and English.

very close to Cultural Center of Paraty, restaurants and art galleries, the boutique hotel also has a delicious and fresh breakfast, served in a beautiful presentation, with tableware and tableware of the finest quality. The establishment also has special services, access to tourist guides, beach bag service and other pampering.

colonial house Paraty

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Photo: Disclosure

colonial house Paraty

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Photo: Disclosure

colonial house Paraty

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Things to do in Paraty

speedboat ride

To enjoy the incredible view that Paraty has to offer, one of the best options is to hire Palombeta's services and tours. The company has speedboats of different sizes that travel through classic routes such as the Paraty to Mamanguá, one of the most traditional. The adventure travels through famous destinations such as Grocery Island, Long Island, Old woman's bag, surprise stop and ends with a delicious lunch at Mamanguá bag, considered the only Brazilian fjord.

Among several other itineraries, the company also offers services and equipment such as stand-up-padlle, wake-board, diving, as well as a guide for trails and photography services.

Mother Church

Officially Church of Our Lady of Remedies, the current building began its construction in 1787, but was only ready in 1873. It was built in neo-gothic style, on the site where the first church was built in 1646. It is one of the most prominent buildings in Paraty, occupying a privileged location in the historic center. In front of the temple, there is a beautiful square, with local music, surrounded by good restaurants, shops and art galleries.

Perpetual Defender's Fort

One of the coolest tours to discover in the city, be sure to take the trail to the top of this hill, where the first fortress for the defense of Paraty was built. On site there is a small museum with works of art, pieces and archaeological artifacts, as well as historical objects that show the past of the city. The view of the urban area and the rich nature is one of the best in the entire region and makes for great photos.

Culture house

Hosting a series of temporary exhibitions throughout the year, it is the main showcase for the works of art by the city's artistic geniuses. As a municipality that breathes and exudes beauty and arts, it is the inspirational setting for photographers, painters, sculptors, plastic artists and other masters of transforming life into art.

Its permanent collection has exhibitions that take tourists through the history, legends and traditions of the city, with montages and photos awarded at festivals.

Other places to visit in Paraty:

  • Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel
  • Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Benedict
  • Old woman's bag
  • Caixa d'Aco Natural Pool
  • Royal Road
  • Toboggan Waterfall

How to get

Paraty is accessible via the Rio-Santos highway (BR-101) and the Cunha-Paraty highway (SP-171 and RJ-165). It also has a small airport for private flights and helicopters. The city also has intercity buses to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

best time to visit

Try to visit the city between March and December, to escape the summer rains and high prices. Between the end of June and the beginning of July, the Literary Fair of Paraty takes place, and the stay is usually more expensive. A good month for cheaper prices and firm weather are the months of September to November.

+ Info:

Paraty Colonial House
Rua Dona Geralda, 200, Historic Center, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
[email protected]
Tel.: +55 (24) 3371-2244 or +55 (24) 97401-8036

Boa Vista Marina, Governador Mario Covas Highway, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
[email protected]
Phone: +55 (24) 999757859
Book here.

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