How about waking up and having, from your hotel room window, a view of the São Francisco River Canyons? This is what the cozy Hotel Pedra do Sino offers, in Piranhas

THE San Francisco River Canyon, on the border between alagoas and Sergipe, is a stunning place that attracts many tourists. 

And no less. 

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The beauty of the large rock walls permeated by the waters of Velho Chico is really surprising. 

Created from the flood resulting from the construction of the Xingó Hydroelectric Power Plant, the São Francisco River Canyon – also known as Xingó Canyon – is one of the main attractions of Piranhas, in Alagoas. 

The city is on the banks of the São Francisco River and from there it is possible to board the catamarans that take you to the main point of the canyons.

And, more than that, the monumental rocky walls of the São Francisco River complete the landscape of Piranhas, along with its colorful and charming mansions.

If you are planning to visit the region, how about waking up and having, in your hotel room window, a view of the São Francisco River Canyons?

It is what offers Hotel Pedra do Sino, located next to one of the viewpoints of the city of piranhas

In addition to the incredible view of the San Francisco River Canyon, The Hotel has excellent accommodation and a wonderful leisure area to make your trip to the region even better.

The incredible view of the São Francisco River Canyon 

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Located on top of a hill, the Hotel Pedra do Sino It is in a privileged place in Piranhas and, therefore, offers an incredible view of the São Francisco River Canyon.

Those who stay there are pleasantly surprised every time they look out the window or even while enjoying the whirlpool. That's right, in some dorms, you can enjoy the view while relaxing in the hydro. Cool, huh?

San Francisco River Canyon

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But does not stop there. The entire leisure area of the Hotel Pedra do Sino is also aimed at Velho Chico, including its infinity pool.

The guest can also enjoy a hearty breakfast on balconies that show the beautiful landscape. 

And speaking of breakfast, the hotel offers an incredible variety of delights for all tastes. Among them, typical foods of the region, such as tapioca, northeastern couscous and bolo de carimã.

In addition to the amazing view of the São Francisco River Canyon, the location of Hotel Pedra do Sino allows easy access to the historic center of Piranhas and the city's bars and restaurants.

THE Hotel Pedra do Sino has three accommodation options. The Bungalow Suites and some Standard Suites do not have a view of the São Francisco River, only of the hotel's gardens, which are very beautiful.

San Francisco River Canyon

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Other Standard Suites and Master Suites have a privileged view – the latter with a whirlpool. 

How to get to Hotel Pedra do Sino

Hotel Pedra do Sino is located at Rua Alto do Mirante, 1600, right in the historic center of Piranhas. In this way, it offers easy access to the main attractions in the region, including the San Francisco River Canyon

To better understand, the Hotel Pedra do Sino It is next to the Secular Viewpoint – one of the city's tourist attractions – and just 12 km from the Canyon tour site. 

In other words, it is the best accommodation option for those who want to enjoy the best of Velho Chico. 

To get to Hotel Pedra do Sino by plane, the nearest airport is Aracajú (SE), 199 km away. From the Sergipe capital, buses depart towards Piranhas. Another option is to rent a car. 

It is also possible to reach the hotel from Maceió, however, the distance is greater, 284 km. The trip by bus or car from the capital of Alagoas to Piranhas takes about 3h30.

Things to do in Piranhas

Photo: Publicity Tourism Alagoas

Piranhas is a charming city, both for its natural beauty and for the well-preserved colonial architecture. On the banks of the São Francisco River, it preserves old mansions that draw attention for their stunning colors.

Discover the main attractions and what to do in Piranhas when you stay at Hotel Pedra do Sino

Xingó Canyon

Piranhas is one of the base cities for those visiting the Xingó Canyon, on the border between Alagoas and Sergipe. 

The much sought-after attraction on the São Francisco River emerged after the construction of the Xingó Hydroelectric Power Plant, in 1994. Before that, the landscape was that of a crack between two walls. 

To get to Xingó Canyon, it is necessary to hire a catamaran tour that departs from piranhas. The vessel follows the riverbed to a natural pool where it is possible to cool off. 

Tourists can also enter the narrowest part of the canyon, known as “hewn paradise”, but, for this, it is necessary to hire one of the boatmen who are on site. The narrow stretch cannot be navigated by catamarans. 

Cangaço Route

The Cangaço Route leads to the place where Lamp, Maria Bonita and nine other bandits were killed during an ambush.

It starts with a boat trip along the natural bed of the São Francisco River to Entremontes, district of Piranhas. From there, head to the beginning of the trail that leads to Grota de Angico, in the municipality of Poço Redondo, in Sergipe. 

The journey takes about 4 and a half hours.

Sertão Museum

Although small, the Sertão Museum is a very interesting place to visit in Piranhas. Located in the old train station, the building is part of the city's historical complex.

There are two small environments with pieces, objects, weapons, clothes and clothes from the cangaço period. The museum exhibits several murals that tell the history of the movement led by Lampião. 

historic center

Entitled National Historic Landmark, the city of Piranhas has a very rich historic center. The colorful and preserved mansions make up a beautiful landscape and make the city very charming. 

Secular Lookout

Built in the 19th century as a lighthouse to guide navigations along the São Francisco River, today the place is an important viewpoint of Piranhas. He is right next to the Hotel Pedra do Sino

To get there on foot, it is necessary to climb 364 steps of an extensive staircase. The other way is to drive to the top.

Church viewpoint

Another beautiful viewpoint of Piranhas is the Mirante da Igrejinha do Senhor do Bonfim. It is opposite the Mirante Secular and offers an incredible view of the city and the São Francisco River. 

But, in the case of the Mirante da Igrejinha do Senhor do Bonfim, access is only through the grand staircase. 

See how much there is to do in Piranhas? Plan your trip there and enjoy the best accommodation in Hotel Pedra do Sino, with an incredible view of the San Francisco River Canyon.

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