To minimize the social impact caused by the reduction in tourist activities in Trancoso, UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa distributes free meals to the Bahian community

In times of crisis, social inequality only worsens. As a result of a global stoppage, those who have a financial reserve will overcome this scenario with great damage and difficulties. But, unfortunately, this situation will be even more serious for those who live with little and have no guarantee of salary. This is the reality of millions of Brazilians who live throughout the country, mainly the informal workers class.

With the objective of reducing the social impact caused by the lack of tourists in one of the most visited destinations in Brazil, The UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, a charming lodging in the village of Trancoso, on the south coast of Bahia, is implementing strategies to help the local community and minimize the impact caused by the latest news.

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The accommodation is temporarily closed to guests, but part of its operation remains in operation. All for an important cause: to help the most vulnerable people in the Bahian community who are suffering from the global crisis and without great prospects for improvement. “The well-being of the planet was a core value in the creation of UXUA,” says Wilbert Das, founder and co-owner of the hotel.

Under the command of Chef Ju Pedrosa, the hotel helps the local community in times of crisis. Photo: Disclosure

Social responsibility in times of crisis

About 80% of the team is in their homes, as directed by health authorities. However, there the preparations made under the command of Chef Ju Pedrosa and with the accompaniment of the nutritionist Dr. Jullian Hamamoto, are in full swing. To ensure the safety and health of the small team that remains in activity, a doctor helps daily so that the team continues to work without taking risks. So they can continue helping others, without this aggravating the problem of dissemination.

Bob Shevlin, co-founder of UXUA, still emphasizes, “We cannot watch all this with apathy, we need to be part of the solution”. In decisive situations like this, collective thinking is more than necessary, especially in small communities where the role of public authorities is much smaller.

In 2018, the hotel also supported the creation of community gardens in Trancoso, in addition to promoting social projects that help nourish the community. THE Organic Festival Trancoso, coordinated by the team, provides information on the importance of healthy eating, educating residents with healthier gastronomic options.

Helping the elderly in isolation and vulnerable children are among the brand's priorities. Photo: Disclosure

Hotel in Bahia is distributing meals to the elderly and children

UXUA is distributing free meals to help elderly people in isolation and local children without access to school cafeterias. The measure is inspiring different people through Brazil and can serve as an example for other hospitality companies.

Dr. Jullian Hamamoto, nutritionist and Director of Medicine at the hotel, is also a volunteer at the public hospital in Trancoso. “When I started taking care of the UXUA Vida Lab and UXUA Vida Spa tasks, Wilbert and Bob asked me to dedicate one day a week to care at the local public hospital, in order to stay connected with the community.” These and other social activities offered by the hotel, bring hope and show a concern for the community where they are inserted.

hotel in the bay

Hotel in Trancoso, Bahia, sets an example of social responsibility. Photo Disclosure

For tourist destinations like Trancoso and so many other small villages scattered around the Brazil, acting as a social alternative for the community should be the premise of companies that benefit from nature and local culture. In addition, sustainable tourism is only really viable when it encompasses residents and creates solutions for the development of these regions. The hotel has also been recognized for other social practices, being a finalist for the Sustainable Vision Award, organized by BLTA – Brazilian Luxury Travel Association.

UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, charming and intimate, discover this hotel in Bahia. Photo: Disclosure

Wilbert Das, founder of UXUA Hotel Casa & Spa. Photo: Disclosure

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