Hotel room without walls: Zero Real Estate offers seven beds spread across different locations across the Swiss Alps

If the most important thing for you during your stay is a really breathtaking view, we have certainly found your ideal hotel. It is a hotel room located in the middle of the Swiss Alps. However, there is one small detail: the place has no walls or even a roof.

THE Zero Real Estate is a collection of hotel suites founded by hospitality expert Daniel Charbonnier and concept artists Frank and Patrik Riklin.

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Hotel room without Swiss Alps walls

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The idea was to reduce the traditional hotel concept and focus on the experience. “I felt that the guest value system went from tangible aspects to intangible experiences and aspects,” Daniel explained to the website. insider.

Hotel room “without walls”: simplicity combined with luxury


Hotel room without Swiss Alps walls

Photo: Disclosure

THE Zero Real Estate offers seven beds spread across seven different locations east of the Switzerland. Project managers partner with local tourist offices so that each “hotel” is managed by a local resident, who provides guests with information about the region and everything else they need.

This person will provide everything guests need to enjoy their outdoor experience. If it rains, it is possible to move to a covered space. When it's time to eat, just ask. And if visitors want local tips and information, just ask.

Hotel room without Swiss Alps walls

Photo: Disclosure

These “local employees” go through a training process in which they “learn to make beds even in strong winds and to cross streams with a tray of food”. “It's the simplicity of the experience with the exclusive service”, concluded Daniel.

Interested? The daily rate in each room without walls starts at 310 dollars. It is possible to stay in one of them from July, but reservations are already practically full.

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