Much more than leisure and fun, new tourists want truly outstanding experiences

In the Maldives, on one of the islands that form among the paradisiacal settings of the Indian Ocean, the resort Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, offers a restaurant submerged in the sea, where guests can dine watching the marine life living freely on the other side of the glass. In addition to the restaurant, visitors can also book a suite with the same structure, located at a depth of 5 meters.

Starting from cusco, the “Capital of the Inca Empire”, adventurers and tourists from all over the world risk trekking 5 or 7 days climbing the winding trails to Machu Picchu. The path, in addition to guarding traditional villages and wonderful Andean landscapes, also revives one of the oldest pilgrimages in the Americas, with the Inca sacred city as the final reward.

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In Brazil, walks through the dunes of the jalapão gain an even more exclusive air on safaris offered by korubo. The company creates itineraries immersed among the dunes, waterfalls and wild fervedouros of the region. Tourists can choose to sleep in glampings extremely modern, with a rustic but complete structure. The accommodations are inspired by African safaris and have become a totally unique way to get to know this part of Tocantins.

Korubo Safari Camp, the only company that offers safaris in Jalapão. Photo: Disclosure

The same is repeated on the other side of the Atlantic, where it is possible to sleep in luxurious camps located in the middle of the Sahara desert. On this trip, the show is on account of the numerous sensory experiences that only the largest arid desert in the world can offer, in addition to the possibility of seeing the starry sky in one of the regions with the purest air on the planet. We talk about this experience in the article what is it like to sleep in the sahara desert.

Maybe you never planned to travel to Mars, but according to data from the latest survey by, 41% of Brazilians surveyed want experiences like this in the not-too-distant future. Anyway, we don't need to invest a fortune or go that far to have a unique and truly remarkable experience.

This may be why more unusual destinations such as the Amazon, Ethiopia, India, Haiti, Morocco and Cuba are increasingly popular with new travelers. Much more than resting on a beautiful beach, tourists want truly authentic tours.

As travel has become easier, interest in voluntary tourism (or purpose-built tourism as it is called in some places) has also grown on a large scale. People want to travel to the Caribbean, but they also want to make their vacation unique and useful.

Helping the local community, for example, became one of the main motivations for this type of traveler. Linked to this new tourist, agencies such as AIESEC and the Volunteer Vacations create trips with a more creative proposal to serve this audience. Travel as a volunteer has become the business model of these companies, allowing even more people to have the experience of combining vacations and social exchange.

After all, why do we travel?

We travel to get out of our routine, to explore the different, to renew ourselves as a person and also to see with our own eyes the diversity of the world we live in. This goes far beyond enjoying landscapes and sleeping in good hotels, we are talking about moments that teach and forever mark the tourist's memory, stirring all the senses. After all, if it's not to have a really new experience and become someone better, there's no point leaving home. Huh?

Panoramic view of Machu Picchu, the Sacred City of the Incas. Photo: martythelewis/Pixabay

Resort in Maldives offers the experience of sleeping in a room submerged in the sea. Photo: Disclosure

Guests enjoy their meals with a panoramic view of the ocean floor. Photo: Disclosure

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