Hotels in Rio de Janeiro adapt to health protocols and reinforce care to receive guests during the pandemic. Discover the actions:

The watchword for all travel these days is health and safety. The new traveler will only bet on a destination if all services offer safe conditions against Covid-19, including accommodation. 

Around the world, hotels are adapting to sanitary protocols to receive guests safely during the pandemic. And here in Brazil it is no different.

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In Rio de Janeiro, which today appears among the most sought after destinations by tourists in the post-pandemic period, hotel chains have reformulated service ducts and started to offer services suitable for the moment we live.

For you who are planning a trip there, it is important to know how hotels in Rio de Janeiro have adapted during the pandemic. The main hotel groups are ready to offer secure accommodation, without compromising service with excellence.

How hotels in Rio adapted during the pandemic

In addition to providing masks and gel alcohol, when it comes to accommodation, there are a number of actions necessary to offer safe environments. Therefore, the main health authorities created strict protocols for hotels to return to operation.

But how have hotels in Rio adapted during the pandemic? Among the essential measures, hotel chains trained their employees to meet the new health and safety rules, adapted spaces to ensure social distancing and created services to facilitate service. 

In addition, they invested heavily in equipment and procedures for cleaning rooms and common areas.

Check out, below, how three main hotels in Rio de Janeiro are working to ensure a safe stay for their guests to enjoy the best of the Marvelous City.

Pestana Rio Atlântica
Rio de Janeiro hotels adapt to receive guests during the pandemic

Photo: Publicity/Pestana Rio Atlântica

A member of the Portuguese Pestana Hotel Group, the Pestana Rio Atlântica created the campaignCovid-19: Be safe, Be Positive, Be Inspired”. With it, it adopted a series of measures to comply with the health recommendations of the health authorities. 

Every team of Pestana employees uses safety equipment. The capacity and disinfection protocols of public areas were reviewed, as well as alcohol gel dispensers in various areas of the hotel. 

In addition, the hotel has an employee especially dedicated to inspecting compliance with hygiene protocols. Identified as a Health & Safety Ambassador, this employee is also available to answer any questions or provide assistance related to Covid-19.

Pestana Rio Atlântica also offers communication channels for the guest to clear all doubts before the stay, as well as updated the FAQS – Frequently Answered Question. Finally, it provides an application for online check-in and check-out.

Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro hotels adapt to receive guests during the pandemic

Photo: Publicity/Yoo2 Rio

THE Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro, from the InterCity Hotels group, reopened in July with new procedures to welcome guests during the pandemic. To ensure a safe stay, it has created a robust protocol, in partnership with the infectologist Dr. Claudio Stadnik, which aims at the well-being of guests, employees and partners.

Employees were trained to comply with the new procedures and guest service. All use safety equipment and have their temperature measured daily.

For cleaning environments, Yoo2 Rio uses air purifiers with high disinfection potential. The apartments receive hospital standard cleaning, including layettes and air conditioning equipment.

There are gel alcohol stations in all common areas of the hotel and all guests receive individual, reusable bottles. In addition, all areas have been readjusted to ensure social distancing.

Regarding food, Yoo2 adapted the hygiene protocols and adapted the way of serving. Breakfast is now served in individual portions a la carte or in a lunch box. Another option is Room Service, where meals are served in the room.  

Fairmont Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro hotels adapt to receive guests during the pandemic

Photo: Publicity/Fairmont Copacabana

After being closed for five months, the Fairmont Copacabana reopened in September with the AllSafe seal, created by the Accor network in partnership with Bureau Veritas. In other words, it is operating with the guarantee of biosecurity and hygiene protocols. 

Employees and guests have their temperature measured and receive all guidance to follow safety rules and maintain social distance. 

Gel alcohol is available in common areas. Fairmont even offers individual packs and masks for guests. 

The cleaning of all hotel environments was intensified, carried out with products recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Rooms are disinfected daily and, with each guest departure, they are unoccupied for 24 hours before being made available for a new stay. Remote controls, air conditioning and layettes are also rigorously cleaned.

Food services became an a la carte system and menus became digital. All to avoid sharing objects. In addition, food delivery at Room Service started to be made in sealed packages.   

Growing demand for long-stay accommodation 

Photo: Unsplash

Taking all these health measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 has made hotels safe places to stay. 

So much so that some travelers have chosen to stay in hotels, during the quarantine period when returning to Brazil, instead of going straight to their homes. 

In the same way, tourists prevented from returning to their countries due to the closing of borders, have been looking for hotels for long-term stays. 

In fact, this is a type of hosting that grew during the pandemic. Health professionals, home office workers, families and tourists have been looking more for this type of service. 

known as extended stays or long stays, long hotel stays have attracted many types of guests. This is because they allow you to stay safely in places that are constantly sanitized and that also offer leisure options.  

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