We have separated all the main information about the Airbnb platform. How it works, how to rent, is it reliable and how to register

Airbnb is an online service that unites people who want to rent accommodation while traveling with local people who are renting apartments, rooms, vacation homes or experiences.

Hosts, as property owners are called, can register different accommodation facilities on the platform. On the other side of the screen, travelers from all over the world can rent houses or accommodation at a more affordable price. The dynamics we know are similar to a vacation home rental, but on a much larger scale, available in virtually every country in the world.

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A kind of Uber of vacation rentals, the Airbnb has grown considerably in recent years. In Brazil, acceptance was great, following one of the trends of the collaborative economy that was already gaining strength in other sectors such as mobility, communication, social networks and others. This time, this technology was consolidated in the tourism market and the North American company is currently valued at around 30 billion dollars, according to published in CanalTech. like all good startup, the brand comes up with an innovative idea that revolutionizes the market in a short time and in a scalable way. Understand a little about how rent works in Airbnb and discover another way to travel for less. For those who are thinking of renting a house through the platform, the Airbnb gives R$179 for you to stay anywhere in the world.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a North American company launched in 2018, when the owners had the experience of hosting 3 travelers in an extra space they had.

The service allows people from all over the world to offer their homes to other users looking to rent houses, apartments, chalets, rooms or beds in shared environments. The company already brings together thousands of tourists, travelers and professionals who travel all the time, who find on the platform, lower costs and easier to rent a property without bureaucracy.

How does renting on Airbnb work?

See how Airbnb works. Accommodation in Venice overlooking the canals, available on Airbnb. Photo: Disclosure.

Accommodation in Venice overlooking the canals, available on Airbnb. Photo: Disclosure.

how to register on airbnb

Learn how Airbnb works. Accommodation in Venice overlooking the canals, available on Airbnb. Photo: Disclosure.

In this service, everyone wins. People with idle properties can earn extra income by renting out these spaces, just as individuals can create experiences on the platform or rent unoccupied suites. For the consumer, travelers from all over the world have more options to find accommodation, centralized everything in one place, and in some cases, with more affordable prices than hotels or inns.

In addition to the most common means of accommodation, on the site you will also find unusual experiences to make your trip even more interesting. It is possible, for example, to sleep in a houseboat in Amsterdam, called houseboat, staying overnight in an apartment located on the canals of Venice, renting a trailer in California, renting a sailboat in Europe or even staying on the busiest avenues in New York, London, Rome or Berlin.

Is it safe to book on Airbnb?

Yes. Is it reliable to book on Airbnb. Some requirements are maintained and frequently updated by the company, in order to ensure total security for guests and hosts. As a precaution, all guests and hosts are certified and have approved documentation, just like in other sharing economy apps. The platform brings together guests with hosts from different countries, but all in an organized way, with a booking system, app and agile service. Currently, the platform has branches in different countries, including Brazil. There are millions of users worldwide who use the Airbnb to receive guests.

On the platform, travelers can book a complete apartment for a few days, a house, an experience or just choose a more economical private room. The dynamic works basically as another means of accommodation for the season, it has opening hours check in and Check-out, accommodation in different cities around the world and accommodation rated by tourists, following a quality standard so that hosts maintain strict criteria for cleanliness, safety, amenities and good service.

But, a little different from a hotel, there is no room service or 24-hour reception, although, depending on the accommodation, it may have breakfast, Wi-Fi, laundry, swimming pool, leisure areas, among other amenities for guests. In it you can rent a complete house, with an equipped kitchen, living room, internet and other spaces depending on your choice. This can be a more economical option for those traveling alone or even for those traveling in a group, as there is an option to rent a complete house. Want to save even more? The company released a credit of R$130 for new users who register: redeem your credit on Airbnb.

How to register on Airbnb?

If you don't already have an Airbnb account, go to the Airbnb and click Register. You can register using your email address or link your Facebook account.

After registering, be sure to fill in all your account information before making a reservation.

1. Registration

In a simple and fast way, new users can register in a few minutes, both in the app and on the company's official website. Just register here and create your profile. You start by earning R$179 off your first booking by using this link!

2. Document verification

To verify your registration, the company will ask for a photo of your document, which can be your ID, passport or even a video explaining why you would like to know the platform.

3. Looking for a property to rent on Airbnb

Go to the menu and choose the destination you want to visit, the platform will separate all rental options in the city selected by the user. You will also be able to choose the check-in and check-out date and the number of guests.

4. Search filters

Depending on the destination searched, the platform will show you a multitude of accommodation options, making the choice of renting a perfect vacation spot even more difficult. Therefore, the platform offers an interesting range of filters that help the user to find the perfect location.

Choose the type of property you want in the “accommodation type” filter. In this area, the user will decide whether to stay in a whole house, a complete apartment, just one room and even shared rooms with other tourists or people who live in the house. You can also choose the price range by adding the minimum and maximum amount you want to pay. You can also choose the amenities you think you need, such as the number of rooms, property options that already offer internet, washing machine and others.

5. Property overview

In this tab it is possible to analyze the accommodations and information of the host. You will be able to check all the photos available, the number of guests that can fit and other details on amenities, fees, cancellation policy, availability and comments from other users who have already been to the place.

6. Choose accommodation and speak with the host

After choosing the ideal property, you will have more information and ask any questions directly with the host. When booking accommodation, pre-approval from the host will be required to confirm the rental.

7. Payment

The next process is to make the payment through the platform. Keep an eye on the fees charged along with the rental location. For example, the value shown initially will be the value for each night. Along with this will be added cleaning, service and occupancy tax. Just as some fees are added, others can be removed using discount coupons.

how to register on airbnb

Learn how Airbnb works. . Malibu Dream Airstream, trailer that can be rented in California. Photo: Disclosure

how to register on airbnb

Malibu Dream Airstream, trailer that can be rented in California. Photo: Disclosure

how to register on airbnb

Malibu Dream Airstream, trailer that can be rented in California. Photo: Disclosure

What are the paying ways?

Airbnb accepts all types of credit, debit, Paypal and bank transfer cards. Regarding fees, the platform receives a commission of 3% from each booking and between 6 to 12% from each payment made by guests.

The installment option is only allowed in Brazil and there are some restrictions required by the company: the model can only be used for payments via credit card and the number of installments is limited to three.

Is it possible to cancel the reservation?

Both the guest and the host can cancel the reservations, but depending on the contracted period, there may be a penalty if the cancellation is made at the last minute. In general, you must give 30 days advance notice when canceling a long-term reservation. In other cases, cancellation policies are defined by the host, with three modalities: flexible, moderate and strict. What differs each of them is the attitude of the host of the house in relation to the refund of the reservation money.

Montana Treehouse in Glacier Park in Columbia Falls. Photo: Disclosure

Learn how Airbnb works. Montana Treehouse in Glacier Park in Columbia Falls. Photo: Disclosure

Airbnb discount coupon

Guia Viajar Melhor has partnered with Airbnb and we offer a discount coupon of up to R$100 the first time you use Airbnb. This coupon is applied once you make a reservation of up to R$179 for you to stay anywhere in the world.

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