Jungle hotel in the Amazon: inns, chalets and hotels offer the option of staying overnight in the largest rainforest in the world

Starting from manaus, the largest city in the state of amazon or departing from Bethlehem, capital of For, numerous itineraries provide the opportunity to sleep in the Brazilian forest, whether in a hotel, an inn or even on board a regional boat. At accommodation mix comfort and adventure, aligning the experience of sleeping in one of the most preserved areas on the planet. You jungle hotels – as they are called outside Brazil – have fallen in favor of foreigners who are delighted with the pleasure of sleeping in the middle of the night. amazon.

In Manaus, heading towards the cities of the interior, it is possible to know numerous riverside communities and small villages that inhabit the riverside beaches. The routes can be made by boat or by land to get to know some of these villages. In addition to the thousands of species of animals and flora in abundance, many people also live and survive in the heart of the amazon. There are several towns, villages, indigenous reserves and small communities scattered along the rivers, canals and streams that intersect the entire jungle. In the most isolated areas, there are no large buildings and families share the scenery only with the immensity of the forest.

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The scenarios of amazon they vary a lot according to the time of year, but they are always charming for those who visit the region to observe animals or have the experience of staying in one of these communities. Despite having some roads, most access is by boat. Overall, more than 80% of transport in the Amazon is done by boat, so inevitably you need to use these vehicles to go to these villages far from the capitals. Most inns and jungle hotels also offer a transfer option, picking up the tourist at the airport or city hotel and taking them to the jungle hotel. So the ideal is always to check if your hotel offers this option.

As in the capital of Amazonas, for trips made in Pará, departing from Belém or Santarém, there are also options to sleep in hammock boats on the Rota dos Rios, a route that crosses the two largest capitals of the forest sleeping in line boats, a very popular transport in the northern region. This can also be an alternative for those who have more days in the region and want to explore the Amazon in a remarkable way.

If the idea is to stay in an inn or in a jungle hotel to contemplate the stars, listen to the sound of the forest, observe animals or make small expeditions, several hotels and inns offer structures for different profiles of travelers. Some of them also include options for “survival in the forest” with wild camping. Options range from more affordable accommodation to more luxurious categories. Check out some of them and book your jungle hotel in complete safety at Booking.com.

Accommodation in Riverside Community

Starting from Santarém, in Pará, the Comunidade de Anã is a small village located on the banks of the Arapiuns River. The community is one of the attractions for anyone visiting Alter do Chão and its surroundings. In this region, a community-based tourism project was also adopted, which is changing the local scenario.

The project was carried out in partnership with the NGO Saúde e Alegria, which seeks to offer experience tourism in one of the most remote regions of the planet. The Community of Anã has a community inn that serves as a base for visitors to the village, where tourists can stay and learn more about the peaceful routine of the village. There is also the option of staying in the house of residents, with accommodation in a hammock, providing an even more intense experience. If you want more information about the Dwarf Community, we went to meet the community and talked a little about it in the article how community-based tourism can transform the Amazon.

Grand Amazon – Hotel Boat

jungle hotel in the amazon

Photo: Iberostar Publicity

And if the idea of the boat excites you, but you also don't give up comfort, the Grand Amazon of the European group Iberostar is the only hotel boat with weekly departures from Manaus. Other less luxurious boats also offer overnight stay options on regional vessels, known as “Amazonian cruises.

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Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

jungle hotel in the amazon

Photo: Anavilhanas Publicity

On the banks of the Rio Negro, 180km from Manaus, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is a version of jungle hotel more luxurious, serving as a charming hotel with total comfort. Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is located in front of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, in the municipality of Novo Airão, in Amazonas. The hotel also offers a transfer that picks up the tourist at the hotel in the city or airport and takes them to the interior of the complex in the forest.

The hotel is also part of the select Roteiros de Charme group and has a complete structure to receive couples, families and small groups of friends. For guests, different activities are also offered with ecological trails, canoeing, night spotting of animals, dolphin watching, recreational fishing, among others.

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Juma Lodge

Photo: Publicity Juma Lodge

Juma Lodge is located on a small peninsula covered by native forest, typical of the Amazon, in one of the most preserved areas of the forest. The hotel also offers jungle tours and maximum exclusivity in its 21 bungalows, all suspended between the treetops, built on stilts, fully integrated with nature.

The accommodations have optional views of the forest, the Juma River or a panoramic view of both in the hotel's largest bungalow. All offer a complete structure fully equipped to guarantee extreme comfort even in one of the most remote regions of the world.

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Crystalline Lodge

jungle hotel in the amazon

Photo: Disclosure

Awarded as one of the 25 best eco lodges in the world by National Geographic, Cristalino Lodge is a jungle hotel located in a private reserve in the southern region of the Amazon, in the municipality of Alta Floresta in Mato Grosso.

The eco lodge also offers different activities for contemplation of the local biome with trails, canoeing, ecological tours, observation of birds and other animals, workshop and photography workshops with renowned professionals, in addition to a unique immersion in the forest for those who want to fall in love once and for all. through the Amazon.

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