Tourists can take advantage of the summer to have an incredible experience aboard a sailboat in Paraty and Angra dos Reis

Summer is an inviting season to enjoy the most beautiful Brazilian beaches and relax after a long year of work and study. There are several options for destinations to enjoy, such as Paraty and Angra dos Reis, both in Rio de Janeiro.

Destinations are consolidated when it comes to beach and exclusivity. There, you can find several options of activities that will enrich the trip and make the moment even more unforgettable. In the midst of this extensive list is the possibility of enjoying a trip on a sailboat. 

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Obviously, not everyone has their own sailboat to enjoy the tour. However, it is possible to rent one of these boats and enjoy the waters that surround the territory of Rio de Janeiro, without forgetting, of course, to make those strategic stops and enjoy the destination in its entirety. 

Rich destinations in Rio de Janeiro

What is it like to travel on a sailboat between Paraty and Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis is an ideal destination to rent a sailboat/ Photo: Unsplash

Paraty is a destination that manages to please a lot of visitors, precisely because of its diverse offer of activities. We are talking about a city that has cultural and historical, gastronomic, sports, ecotourism, religious and adventure routes. So, just identify your profile and pack your bags. 

Of course, we cannot talk about Paraty without mentioning the more than 120 beaches and islands that are available in the destination. Some are already considered mandatory visits, such as the beaches of Trindade, Ilha Comprida, Lagoa Azul, Ilha da Cotia, Praia da Lula and Praia Vermelha. If you pay attention, you will also find a rich and diverse fauna, with some turtles and dolphins being part of the itinerary. Rarely, a lucky few are also graced with the presence of orcas. 

And, in Angra dos Reis, the trip is even more perfect! This is a destination for those who really love that famous shade and fresh water, with beautiful landscapes all around. In all, there are 365 islands, 2,000 beaches scattered along the coast and more than 500 years of history. That's a lot for just one visit. 

Travelers can prepare to find more options for activities, such as outdoor walks, beaches, trails, historical monuments and, of course, gastronomy. Ecotourism and adventure tourism appear strongly in this region and many tourists are present to practice some sports, such as diving, mountain biking, trekking, footvolley and handbeach, as well as for schooner or sailboat trips. 

taking full advantage

What is it like to travel on a sailboat between Paraty and Angra dos Reis

Historic streets of Paraty/Photo: Unsplash

To get to know these two destinations in Rio de Janeiro in full, it is very good to have a sailboat at your disposal, which will be able to transport travelers and their companions in an ideal itinerary for the group. In this way, it will be possible to enjoy the quiet beaches and anchor in coves where people gather to enjoy the local gastronomy, even inside their own boat. 

Wind Charter can provide this. the company of sailboat rental, focused on nautical tourism and specialized in boat rental, offers several types of charters, including rental for a day, with or without crew. In this way, visitors guarantee exclusive experiences. 

There are different options for boats on the Wind Charter, such as Nautilus, Freedom and Catimbau, with capacity for six people, and Hagar and Ilha das Palmas, for four people. In other words, it is the ideal service for families and groups who want a more intimate tour. 

What is it like to travel on a sailboat between Paraty and Angra dos Reis

Praia do Cachadaço, in Angra dos Reis, is one of the options for sailing / Photo: Unsplash

In Paraty, for example, it is possible to visit Ilha do Sandri, where the gastronomy is highlighted and is considered to be of high quality. On Ilha do Cedro, a break for a dip in the clear and calm waters, contemplating the Serra da Bocaina. Tourists also cannot miss sailing to Saco do Mamanguá and Paraty-Mirim. Nearby is Praia Grande de Cajaíba, a fishing village with simple restaurants and a small church. 

In Angra dos Reis, one of the best known beaches is Praia do Dentista, where many visitors, aboard their boat, gather to eat seafood appetizers and have a few drinks. Coasting the region, it is also possible to find the Baia da Ribeira, where there are numerous islands and beaches, which can be easily accessed by land and which has some leisure and gastronomy options. 

In the bay of Angra dos Reis, tourists can enjoy the day sailing through islands and beaches and dock at a marina to enjoy the infrastructure and local cuisine. There are great places to stock up on the boat and prepare for a few more adventures on board. 

Pleasure of traveling on a sailboat in RJ

Photo: Disclosure / Wind Charter

Paraty is a city that invites visitors to explore two beauties. And the local climate makes it even more interesting. The average annual temperature is 23°C and average maximum temperatures of 30°C. January is when temperatures get higher and the weather gets rainier. In july, however, the climate is milder. 

What is it like to travel on a sailboat between Paraty and Angra dos Reis

Photo: Unsplash

Navigating the region is peaceful and calm throughout the year, thanks to the moderate breeze that arrives from the east and varies between 8 and 14 knots. In that area of Paraty-Mirim, Baía da Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis there are several protected anchorages, ideal for those who want to enjoy a peaceful route at sea. 

Did you like the tips? Take the opportunity to learn more about the Wind Charter and prepare a special aquatic itinerary for your next vacation!

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