Travel insurance for North America: where to buy your travel insurance online

On a trip to North America the Travel insurance it is an essential item. Although it is not mandatory in any of the countries on the continent, the United States, Mexico and Canada, it is prudent and highly recommended to travel with insurance. Thus, the traveler is guaranteed peace of mind, security and avoids unforeseen expenses. 

The countries of North America are among the favorite destinations of Brazilians. Whether to enjoy the best resorts on Mexican beaches, shopping in Miami or discovering the natural beauties of Canada. On a long-awaited tour, it's not nice when someone gets hurt, or eats something that didn't go down very well and doesn't know where to go for good care. Even worse, when the bill comes to pay the medical bill. 

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The prices of medical care in North America, mainly in U.S, can exceed your entire travel budget. Therefore, taking out travel insurance makes your trip smooth, giving you the certainty that you will have the best service under any circumstances and you will not pay anything more for it.

What travel insurance should cover for North America

North America travel insurance

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When purchasing travel insurance for your North American vacation, check how much your plan will cover for medical expenses. As mentioned, the costs of medical care in countries above the equator can surprise and put an end to any financial planning. 

Good medical coverage is the first consideration when choosing a travel insurance plan. At Allianz Travel, which has travel insurance offers for more than 40 countries, offers plans with coverage of medical expenses from 150 thousand reais for North America. See how to cut your travel insurance online on the page Travel Insurance Quote.

Another important point to consider when purchasing travel insurance is assistance in case of lost luggage. There's nothing more annoying than arriving at your destination and realizing that your bags didn't take the same flight as you. in the plans of Allianz Travel, the compensation in case of loss of luggage starts at 2 thousand reais.

How to buy travel insurance for North America?

North America travel insurance

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At Allianz Travel, the traveler can hire the travel plan Travel insurance in a few clicks. First, the site will quote the best plan for your needs based on your destination, departure and return date, number of tourists and age of travellers. 

In order to choose the best coverage, the traveler must also consider their travel reasons. If you go to North America for extreme sports, exchange or for work, a common plan may not foresee the possible risks of these activities. So, check out the plans offers for corporate travelers, exchange students and sports insurance before closing with your insurer.

After selecting the best plan for you, simply enter the passenger details and payment method. Just like that, you've taken out your travel insurance and can travel with peace of mind.

How to activate travel insurance?

North America

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In case of accidents or other unforeseen circumstances during your trip, the Allianz Travel It has a 24-hour call center. To activate the insurance, simply contact the emergency numbers available in the policy. 

If it is not possible to contact the operator due to the severity of the emergency, the Allianz recommends that the traveler seek medical attention and, as soon as possible, contact the operator. The insurance does not need to be activated personally by the insured, another person, who has the policy in hand, can report the occurrence on behalf of the traveler. In case of reimbursement, it will only occur after the insured person returns to Brazil.

How to activate insurance for lost luggage?

North America travel insurance

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If the insured needs to claim insurance for lost luggage, the traveler must first go to the counter of the airline responsible for the trip and fill in the PIR claim form (Property Irregularity Report). As soon as the loss of luggage is registered, call the Allianz Travel for the insurer to take the necessary measures. 

If the luggage is not found, Allianz, through a partner insurance company, will make an indemnity according to the limits of the contracted plan. This indemnity will only occur after indemnification from the airline, thus recognizing the definitive loss of the bags. To receive reimbursement from the insurer, it is also necessary to forward the PIR form and receipt of the indemnity paid by the airline, in addition to other documents mentioned in the General Conditions of the policy. 

Do you want to know more information about your policy and how to hire yours? Check out more information about how the North America travel insurance and other destinations on the website of Allianz Travel.

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